MTA shows too many gateways

After a catastrophic server failure, the GroupWise system on our server needed to be
restored.  However, we were unable to successfully get the GWIA to establish a link with the
domain restored from backup.  The GWIA constantly indicated that the GroupWise link was closed, and the MTA constantly stated that the GWIA gateway was closed.

In order to produce a working e-mail system in the meantime, a new GroupWise domain was
created, with a different domain name than the original. The GroupWise software install went
without error, users of the new domain can now send e-mail internally and externally, and
receive e-mail from internal users, however, we are unable to receive e-mail from external
accounts into user mailboxes. The messages coming in appear to be properly received by the
GWIA and queued to the MTA, however, from that point the messages vanish, with no errors.  
Verbose logging is enabled for the GWIA, MTA, and POA.

I have read several possible causes in Novell's knowledge base, such as conflicting port numbers, but those causes do not appear to be the cause in my instance.

The MTA says that there are 3 gateways open, when  currently there is only 1 post office, on one domain in use, so I think there should just be 1 gateway.  Am I right?

Could it be that the MTA or the GWIA is using or looking for the old gateway domain? If so, how do I make sure only the new gateway domain is used?  If this is not the case, what could it be?

I have had no formal training on any Novell products, so please be patient with my ignorance.  :)

I have the clearance from management to purchase a single support request from Novell, but
due to the expense, I want to exhaust all possible options before doing so.  Management is urgent about this, however.

Thanks for any input.
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PsiCopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd suggest deleting ALL the GWIAs and installing a new one.

A Gateway is just a way-point, a tool for moving E-Mail from "here" to "there". Delete them all, do a "top-down rebuild", install a fresh one.

BTW, "Best Practice" in a GroupWise environment is to put Gateways in their own Secondary Domain, separate from the Domain(s) with the Post Office(s).
ZENandEmailguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe your problem lies in the fact that the " GroupWise System Operations | Internet Addressing" still believes it is supposed to use your old GWIA.

Open ConsoleOne and click on your GroupWise system namespace on the left.  Next choose Tools | GroupWise System Operations | Internet Addressing and look in the bottom of the dialog to see which GWIA is being used.  If it is wrong, change it to the correct one.  Also while you are in this dialog, verify you have your listed (you may have several domains and one must be checked as the default or preferred).

I would agree that best practices calls for putting each gateway into its own domain but if you only have one server and not a lot of time or knowledge on a multiple domain system, it won't hurt to have your gateways and post offices in a single domain to get things going.  Please consider creating at least one secondary domain if you don't already have it so that you have domain-based directory store fault tolerance in the case of a major failure again.  I've worked on GroupWise systems for 15 years and more than once am glad I had a secondary domain in place to rebuild the primary domain and get things going again without having to do restores.

Scott Kunau, Sr. Consultant/Partner
Innovative Global Technology Group
West Chester, Ohio
A Novell Silver Partner
ahossieinAuthor Commented:
Turns out all of the suggest solutions, and few other things, had to be done to get things working again.  Thanks for the advice.
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