connecting from delphi to oracle express

I'm using delphi 2009, and downloaded the oracle express for testing.
I've downloaded and installed the two files of the oracle 10g xe version (OracleXEClient.exe, OracleXEUniv.exe)

At first it needed in order to connect to oracle the oci.dll, so I've put in the path the bin directory of the server,.
Now, Whenever I try to connect to the oracle database it raises an exception and restarts delphi,.

How do I set the environemnt in order for the process to work?
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
since my first post, some things have changed, i got a little more experienced ...
and started using 2009.

how to make a connection to the XE database

connecting to a normal user (not sys and not system)
in D2009, open the Data explorer, open the oracle leaf, right click on the Oracle connection
click modiy connection.  Enter the user and password.  The database name is XE.
Hit test and it should work.

I haven't found how to connect with sys as sysdba yet.
But there should be a Web client to connect to XE too:
with this you can create a user and giving the DBA role and create session privilidge you can create a user which can create tables, views, etc ...
How are you connecting to ORACLE? Are you using the direct oracle access component set?
amitbuenoAuthor Commented:
I am connecting via dbexpress panel it uses the native connection using oci.dll
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
did you install the oracle client completely ?

can you make connection to the oracle database with a .udl file ?
amitbuenoAuthor Commented:
I've installed the client completely -- and even reinstalled it.

You'd have to explain yourself with the .udl file because I am new at this...
amitbuenoAuthor Commented:
seems it doesn't crash now, yet I do not know how to create a database on oracle...
does it have to do with table naming convention DATABASENAME$TABLENAME?
it seems that all the tables reside on the same main database...
You might need to reference the database name before the table in any queries if you don't set your UDL file to the appropriate database.
amitbuenoAuthor Commented:
How do I set a reference?
amitbuenoAuthor Commented:
now I am having the following error code:

In the tnsnames.ora it specify the below code.
I tried putting in the database XE for the database name.

didn't work also..
XE =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = MiniCosmos)(PORT = 1521))

Open in new window

Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
hmm i haven't tried this oracle version yet

a .udl is just a file to make connection to the database with a connection string

create a new file on your desktop
rename it to new.udl
open it
you can specify to what database you want to connect using ODBC

after this works, you know you can connect to the database.

you now have a connection string in the extended properties of the .udl file

does the install create a database for you ?
if not then you probably don't have a database.
The server install installs the engine and sometimes a sample database ...

Check the computer with the Oracle database for the service Oracle ...
and see if there is a Oracle Listener running too, otherwise no connection (unless direct)
Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
you need to connect to your database with sys as sysdba account for creating a database
amitbuenoAuthor Commented:
I rechecked a couple of things,. and it seems that the basic installation of the oracle XE install a sample database called "HR" as well... that is good for a test case.

Anyhow, I viewed your solution.. and it seems that you might have misunderstood me -- I do not want to connect to oracle using ODBC. I would like to use a direct connection using the delphi dbexpress and the oci.dll which is a part ofthe oracle client to connect to.
amitbuenoAuthor Commented:
since the database started properly, but I couldn't access it either with delphi or visual studio.... I've downloaded the ODAC for .NET from Oracle... and installed it (hoping that this will sort the problem with the connection)

It installed a service called OracleODACHome1TNSListener -- which started a TNSListener. Yet, after installing that I couldn't access or start the database service called OracleServiceXE.

Now the question is how to start properly the database service?
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