One more question of Number of parameters


As you can see the code, if the question asks you to write down the numbers of parameters and return type.

The answer would be

Number of parameters: 2 (String & double)
Return type: rentHouse ? (I'm not sure)


public boolean rentHouse(String address, double weeklyRent, House rentedHouse)

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manuel_mConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok, same here.

Count the number of parameters.
address of type String
weeklyRent of type double
and rentedHouse obviously of type House.

so we have 3 parameters.

The return type here is between the public modifier and the method name rentHouse.
bt1942Author Commented:
manuel_m // Ok I see, so the return type is boolean?
bt1942Author Commented:
manuel_m // Oh ok my mistake.
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bt1942Author Commented:
manuel_m // if they are same like (int day, int month, int year) do you count this as 1 or 3?
bt1942Author Commented:
Thanks for the comment.
> if they are same like (int day, int month, int year) do you count this as 1 or 3?

The count is 3 !

You always have to count all the parameters given in a method. It doesn't matter what type they are :-)
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