How to allow Terminal Server user permissions needed to install single application?

Our medical practice runs a medical application which requires Adobe SVG viewer for viewing graphs.  All users connect to Medical application via Terminal Server. Users get errors that adobe svg viewer is not installed when trying to view graphs. MEdical application tech support recommends adding all TS users to the 'Power Users' group of each Terminal Server, which to me is not acceptable!  Since our users have a 'published desktop' when logging in via TS/Citrix, power user permissions would allow them to install apps at will.

Is there a 'safer' way to allow users to install the SVG viewer as a  Terminal Server user?  Possibly through a registry change through 'Adobe' key at HKLM or HKCU?
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snowdog01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If the SVG viewer is installed, I recommend uninstalling it and re-installing it through Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > Add New Programs.  This method is required for some applications to be shared by all users in a TS/Citrix environment.  Be sure that the Administrator account does the installation.  There are some applications that will automatically install themselves with the proper permissions for all users of the server; there are some that will not.  This may be one of them.

I advise against giving users any more permissions than they absolutely must have.  Power user for a viewer app is not an option.

Please post your results.

Is SVG viewer not installed on the terminal server already?  Why can't you preinstall the SVG viewer, is it user based? I would not recommend adding all Ts users to powerusers on the servers, that's a bad idea.
davisAuthor Commented:
I agree with not providing 'power user' permissions to TS users.  Since the users have published desktops (cia Citrix Presentation server 4.0), they essentially could installa applications at will.  The Medical application support group sent me a formal document, produced by them, which provides the 'how-to' for adding users to Power Users group.  I am assuming this is has become a common issue with even fresh installs of Adobe.  Also, Adobe Acrobat works find for the users.  At a community-driven online technical Forum for the Medical application, one admin recommended granding full-control permissions to HKLM\software\adobe for users.  It appeas the 'Domain Users' group already has FULL control to this ke and stil doesn't work.  The SVG key is below the adobe and also has FULL control permissions.  Any insight on whether registry permissions mod is adequate way to circumvent blocking application installation?
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Does the viewer work when an administrator is logged in?
does the viewer launch by itself? Does the viewer work from console?

My point is that the viewer applicaiton should already be installed for all users, which would eliminate their need to install it.  If you login locally to the TS with a test user with the same permissions has one of your TS/Citrix users, can the test user open the Viewer app or does it still ask for the installation?
davisAuthor Commented:
I will test both suggestions and reply with my findings as soon as possible.  Thanks!
davisAuthor Commented:
I took the registry permissions route and performed the following in order to allow the user to install the viewer:

Created a group in AD called 'SVGViewer'
Added 'testuser' to the group
Logged into Terminal Server with 'testuser' (who has same permissions as problem user)
Clicked within the Medical app to open the attached PDF and was prompted to install.  Upon proceeding, the 'testuser' was allowed to install SVGViewer and open the file needed.

However, I believe you suggestion, Snowdog01, may have worked as well.  Other issues with the Adobe Acrobat installation prompted me to perform a 'repair' installation and this fixed those issues.  The problem may have stemmed from the terminal server having another freeware PDF reader installed which neeed to be removed.  After removing the FoxIT PDF reader, I believe it also removed some of the components, including permissions which Adobe Acrobat needed to work properly.  So, the 'repair' or re-install of Adobe Acrobat or SVG viewer may have given same results.  Thanks for your insight -
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