AuthSetup: Timeout for : "-cahost MCIDC2 -equiv add "MCI\Administrator" "mcidc2" caroot caroot"


I am running BrightStor ARCserve Backup r11.5 (Build 3884). I noticed from schedule log an error "Warning 3073: Unable to logon as user. (USER=user, EC=error_string)". By googling i found the reason. Since I had a doubt that I have changed domain administrator's passwords that might be the reason.

I found the technical document from CA website how to change the password of caroot user at ( But when executing step# 9 authsetup command to reset new password I encountered following error:
[AuthSetup: Timeout for : "-cahost MCIDC2 -equiv  add "MCI\Administrator" "mcidc2" caroot caroot"'

Below is the command line output:
D:\Program Files\CA\BrightStor ARCserve Backup>authsetup/p "new password"
AuthSetup : Initializing the authentication database
AuthSetup : Password =******()
AuthSetup : Domain services are running.
AuthSetup : Authentication services are running.
AuthSetup (423): Connect to Domain server. (iter=1).
AuthSetup (446): Connect to authentication server==MCIDC2 (iter=1).
AuthSetup :Timeout for : "-cahost MCIDC2 -equiv add "MCI\administrator" "mcidc2"
 caroot caroot "

AuthSetup (541): ca_auth -equiv <localNTaccount> =-1
AuthSetup (654): ca_auth -user chgpasswd =200 failed ... reason : undefined erro
r code

AuthSetup (689): ca_auth -group add Admin Group =0
AuthSetup (700): ca_auth -resource backend =0
AuthSetup (713): ca_auth -resource setgroupright =0
AuthSetup (724): ca_auth -resource setgroupright dbserver =0
AuthSetup (735): ca_auth -resource setgroupright mpool =0
AuthSetup : Done.

How can I fix this problem? Currently my backups are not running!

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hi mfhorizon,

this is the error that you have posted ""Warning 3073: Unable to logon as user. (USER=user, EC=error_string)"

but the document that you are referring to is that of on how to address a different error.

For avoiding the W3073 errors what you need to do is open server admin>>click on "admin" in the menu bar and then click on "CA arcserve backup system Account" and update the password for the system account.

"System Account" is a windows account which is required for letting CA arcserve application to get access to the Windows OS activities.

"caroot" account is the account that is used to access the ARCserve manager console.

"caroot" account is not a windows based account it is only used for arcserve manager access.

so if your current issue is W3073 then make the changes as recommended in the server admin screen.

if your current issue is "caroot" password issue then please do as recommended by "seesa"

you need to add the account you are using to backup to the domain admin group.
mfhorizonAuthor Commented:
I already checked 'caroot' is the user configured in Backup Software, but i couldn't find it in Activedirectory. However now i have to setup it as mydomain\administrator.

Please explain your answer.
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What you can try is, run cstop. Rename the folder (which has your server name) under Data\discovery in ARCserve home folder, start the services.

This will recreate the folder with fresh configuration information and in effect blank the caroot password.

Now you can run Bconfig and choose the from within to set a password for caroot incase you dont want to leave it blank.

Now, launch server admin and go to admin\ARCserve system account. Make sure that you have the correct account specified with the corresponding password. The account mentioned here should be existing in AD, preferrably the domain administrator account.
any update?
mfhorizonAuthor Commented:
Thanks bhanukir7,

I also have to validate the System State tapes of my Server, taken on  few months back. Can i check it without having a test server?


as for testing your sytem state restore, to confirm if you can restore data, you can restore the system state as flat files to a alternate location, you can try that.

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