kcontrol: cannot open libkhtml.so.4

Attempt to run kcontrol, I get this error:
kcontrol: error while loading shared libraries: libkhtml.so.4: cannot open shared object file; No such file or directory

Indeed I don't have this file, I have /usr/lib64/libkhtml.so.5

What do I need to do to get kcontrol working?
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spiraloverConnect With a Mentor Commented:
libkhtml.so.4 is in the kdelibs3 package on OpenSuse, I thought that OpenSuse 11.0 uses kdelibs3 by default, which should have libkhtml.so.4.

You can try the following, as root check to see what kdelibs is installed:
# zypper se kdelibs
# zypper se kde

Make sure that you have the correct kdelibs installed, if not try using zypper to install or update the package.

If you have never used zypper before, it is like rug and will show you what is or not installed on the system by command line.

Good luck! :)
libkdecore is the package & I guess you need version 5.  It's part of the KDE core.
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