Is my Cisco PIX 501 Wide open?

So i have to replace my nice little dlink router/FW with a cisco PIX 501 (i need the VPN stuff)

I have installed it and everything appears to be working.

I took the default settings of the router getting it up and running.

My concern is i think i am running wide open.

When i look at the access rule, there is only one action and the allows traffice from any source to any source.

Am i understanding that correctly.

Do i need to do a deny everything rule from the outside and add the exceptions?

is the a nice set of default acceptions i can use?

thanks for any help

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Andres PeralesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure about that site, try these
Andres PeralesCommented:
By default your pix should deny everything coming in, that rule you see if to allow all out, from you internal network.
pariesAuthor Commented:
so if shieldsup says all my ports are stealth I am ok?

Andres PeralesCommented:
i am assuming that shieldup is a personal firewall installed on your computer?
pariesAuthor Commented:
sorry, shields up is
i assumed it was a well known site
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