how to generate unique labels


I designed a database in access and have some items for sale, to register those in my new system i would like to generate labels with unique codes, so i can later scan them  and enter in the system.
Any idea how to generate those labels, which have to be unique, i mean everytime that i need more labels it has to generate different ones.

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Rog DManager Inforamtion SystemsCommented:
YOu could write some VBA that could do this for you...

Something like this.

FOr i - 1 to NumberOfLabels
dim rs as recordset
dim labelNum as long
set rs = currentdb.openrecordset("Select top 1 from labelTable order by LabelNum desc")
  labelNum = rs("LabelNum")
  print label
 ' insert new row into table.
  currentdb.execute("Insert into .......")
Rog DManager Inforamtion SystemsCommented:
You could have a simple table with one column and one row.  

This table would then house the last label (Number) that was used.

Each time you create a label, you increment this number by one and so on.

The table would always hold the last number used.

titorober23Author Commented:
it's confuse
how do i implement this idea
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Rog DManager Inforamtion SystemsCommented:
Ok, easier solution.

You have a table in your database that holds rows of data of each item.

The table (Items) table, should have columns
Entered date.

You can add a column to this table say ID and set the property of the column to be Autonumber.

This will automatically create a unique number for each row in the table and new rows that are added.

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titorober23Author Commented:
I understand adding a new field o that table, but the numbers of records won't grow as fast as the numbers of labels that i want to generate.
i need an example how to generate unique numbers, everytime that i request them.
Rog DManager Inforamtion SystemsCommented:
You must be printing more labels than items?

You could create a label table.  Have a row for each label you print.  In this table have a column that is set to Autonumber.  WHen you print a label, you can then add a row.  Using the Autonumber field as the label.  

titorober23Author Commented:
I have the same idea, but how do i append n rows to a table everytime that i request n labels
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