Is it possible to fix a really choppy video and make it run smooth? If so, how and what program?

I have a few videos that are very choppy when played. It's not the codec or the player, it's the video itself. It's just the way the person recorded it at the time. I was wondering if there's any program or anyway to make them run smoothly. The videos are .avi, mpg, and wmv...

I guess the easiest way to describe how choppy they are is it seems like every 5 or 6 frames, it changes to a new image, then another 5 or 6, and so on....
I'm using Windows XP Pro, and AMD Dual core 2gig ram if that info is needed. Thanks for any help.
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GoatmetalConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hey, I want to thank everyone for trying to help me. After days and days of searching the internet, I was amazed to find exactly what I was looking for. If anybody is interested....I found a website called And what they are able to do, is take any video that is shaky, jumpy, jerky, etc...etc...and make it look like it was recorded through a SteadyCam. They even give some video examples...It's really amazing....Once again, thanks everyone...Take care.
Hi Goatmetal, unfortunately your out of luck,
when the original recording is bumpy there is no fix.
if the person recording from a camera is jerky in movement that's the final product.
You could try using a divx player that can smooth/ refine the video
but bumpy jumpy video is rock solid original.
If the tape is damaged then there is some chance to fix the tape by running it through a tape cleaner.
regards Merete

Asta CuCommented:
We've had some oldies that were also in bad shape, original camera work very choppy.  I've had some luck, though time consuming, using various applications to edit each .mpg and/or other video file type using various programs.  Windows Movie Maker is one we've used to edit segments and use the SPLIT option to break the segments up, and edit away the problem frames or transitions and then piece them together using supplied transitions and effects.  It's one workaround, among others we've used that provided improvements from the original choppy products.
Editing within Movie Maker 2 ... how to remove unwanted "junk" video]
Good luck
":0) Asta
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Just to add what I have done to fix old vcr tapes that could not be cleaned up enough.
I plugged the VCR into my capture card.
Using divx codecs to capture with.
The captured image is the final product and not simple at all to fix once it's captured.
The problem starts with the condition of the tapes playing on the vcr.
The vcr heads a loose or dirty.
If you adjust the heads so that it doesnt jump on the bad bits that would help.
Any chance you have two vcr's?
Hook them together and record from one to other may produce a better recording
 then capture that to PC.
Have you looked at the tapes film to see what condition it is in?
If they are off a video camera you may have to take the cassettes to a dedicated video editor that supports those tapes and they can run it through a video deck.
Video decks don't playback just record off at high speeds.

There is also DVD recorders with hard drive.

GoatmetalAuthor Commented:
Ummm...I don't even own a vcr or have any vcr tapes. But thanks for trying to help though....I'm going to try astaec's idea with the movie maker and hopefully that works...I'll be back tomorrow and let you know how it came out...Thank you.
GoatmetalAuthor Commented:
Hmmm....That didn't really turn out to good. I think it was because I didn't really know what I was doing....Oh well...I wish these videos I have were recorded better....thanks for all your suggestions though. Take care.
GoatmetalAuthor Commented:
Hi Merete,

The videos I have that need fixing aren't even on tape. They are videos on my computer in .avi, .mpg, and .wmv format. The frames I was talking about is when they are viewed through some kind of a video edit like Movie Maker.
Your comment>the easiest way to describe how choppy they are is it seems like every 5 or 6 frames, it changes to a new image<< sounds like the condition of the tape.
Do you still have the originals?
 Have you looked at the tape to see if the edges are damaged ?
It is fixable.
Check these great videos on youtube
Get Your Old Tapes Into a Digital Format
There is professionals maybe look around your local camera store.
Take care and good luck
Great to hear thank you.
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