Need T1 point-to-point advice/help

I have a client that wants a two T1 point-to-point connections between three locations (A to C, and B to C) because they've been encountering severe delays with their IPsec VPN over the Internet.
I'll have no problem buying the service for him, but have NO experience with point-to-point connections.
What hardware is needed/recommended?
I'd like to stay in the AdTran price range if possible.
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Andres PeralesCommented:
you will need routers at each of the remote office, that can handle a t1 connection then you will need a switch on the inside for client connectivity.
you will also need a router that can handle the other t1 connections at the main building...
when you call about ordering those circuits you maybe able to rent or lease the routers from the service provider.
JimPletcherAuthor Commented:
I realize that we're going to need routers and some sort of CSU?Dsu device, but was hoping for recommendations of reasonably priced models.  I have no idea what to buy, I normally use ZyWALL and SonicWALL routers for DSL/Cable connectins.
Andres PeralesCommented:
Cisco routers would work well, but are pricey, that is why i was saying about leasing them per month they would add to the cost of the service...a cisco 800 series router would be a good model, support lan, wireless and some other functions
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JimPletcherAuthor Commented:
The Cisco 800 series is in the right price range, but I can't for the life of me find how to connect one to a T1 point-to-point liine.  The AdTran DSU/CSU units I've seen have an RS232 output.
Or are you suggesting that I could connect any router directly to the T1?
If you are going to use a Cisco router you need to buy a T1 module for it, sometime the bundle it and sell it with the t1 module or CSU/DSU with it. I'm positive that the 800 series comes with fixed ports to support LAN, DSL and Wireless but T1 support is not one of the them. For T1 support you need to buy an 1800 series router with WIC-1DSU-T1 card, you can buy it as a bundle as well. With the 1800 and the T1 module now you have an integrated DSU/CSU and you do all the configuration from them console to set up Point-to-Point T1 connectinos.
JimPletcherAuthor Commented:
Thanks, This is what I was loooking for.  Research was beginning to point to the Cisco 1800 series  with T1 card or AdTran NV3200 and NV3430 products.
Can I put two T1 modules in a Cisco 1800 router?
Yes you can put a T1 one card in the 1800, just use the WIC-1DSU-T1 V2, V2 is for version two and it is for newer Cisco router. Once you have the module inside the 1800 series, you will use the provided console cable and a terminal session program like Hyper Terminal to configure the router and the T1 card. The configuration part is the tricky part but there is plenty of examples on Cisco's site on different configuration.On the 1800 series you will have two ethernet port which you can use to hang a Cisco switch off of or another brand to route traffice from WAN to LAN.

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JimPletcherAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I don't know if we're going with Cisco (because of cost), but if we do, I now have a head stsrt.
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