Need recommendations on Outside Access Points

I need some recommendations on Outside Access Points. What do I look for? What are the best brands?
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PugglewuggleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you want enterprise class equipment (and are willing to pay for it), the Cisco 1230AG access points are excellent! They are fully weatherized so you can mount them in the rain and snow as long as you follow the instructions. They can be used as single units or with a WLAN controller for centralized management of multiple units. They cost around $650 USD each. Here's the data sheet for them:
If you want a not as robust product but much less expensive product, D-Link makes two outdoor models:

All models I listed support PoE
Cheers! Let me know if you have any questions!
kyleb84Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Something a bit cheaper:

Some certain companies make them inbuilt in a weather proof box with a 5.8/2.4 cards in them.

This is an Australian site, but It'll give you an idea of what to expect:

The Mikrotiks are highly capable routers, with many features. We have used many of them for long distance PtP links and providing 2.4 hot spots in mesh configuration.

calitechAuthor Commented:
Yes I want  enterprise class equipment!
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MY respone to kyleb84's comment is this:
Use devices for what they're supposed to be used for. Access points are made for a specific job and don't have the complications/possible security flaws that other un-needed features bring.
Also, the Cisco APs can be used with a WLAN controller to centralize management and security of a large wireless infrastructure. I highly recommend those over the others.
Also - it's cheaper and easier to maintain equipment when it doesn't have a box around it. Weatherproof APs are much better solutions than regular ones enclosed in boxes (and don't have problems like overheating and possible leakage of water). Also, a small NEMA enclosure, as they are called, costs about $200 - $300 USD each.
Not to mention that cheap APs often don't have PoE and you'd have to run a power cable and put an AC adapter in the box with AP as well just to get it to turn on. With PoE devices like the ones I listed they work off just an ethernet cable as long as you've got a PoE switch or injector on the line.
Then yes, use the Cisco 1230AG. It's the best around for the job.
For centralized management/security of all APs, use a WLAN controller and run LWAPP on the access points.
Here's Cisco's info on the WLAN controllers:
2100 WLAN controller:
4400 WLAN controller:
And my response to puggle is this:

This is not a point war, I was just suggesting a product that I knew worked well, just as you did. No need to try and discredit my post.

It sure isn't a point war. However, he did say he needs enterprise equipment - I'm not trying to discredit anyone - just giving a good answer and how I feel about using enclosures and cheap devices vs devices designed just for a specific application.

Pugglewuggle solution looks good
Thanks dev!
look at unifi from ubiquiti
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