2 issues with OWA and Exchange 2003 Frontend server

2 issues I would like to post...
First, When I click the Logoff button once logged into OWA on our Frontend server, it prompts for username and password again. Get "access denied" if canceled or "Log off successful" if I reauthenticate.

Second, when I enable FBA and give it the 10 minutes to take effect (iiisreset command used), I go to the https://server/exchange enter my username and password and it just keeps prompting for username and password. See attachment for the continuous prompting.  If FBA is turned off, I can log in and use the system as normal (except for the log off button problem described above).

Thoughts? I am heading out for the evening but will followup in the morning.
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SUNYESFConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
More information on the logoff button issue...
If I log on to the OWA with either username@domain or domain\username logoff button works.
If I log on to the OWA with just username logoff button prompts for reauthentication (asking for either username@domain or domain\username) and that works by reauthenticating.  

If this is built this way by default, that is fine.  I was just trying to make it easier for our end users to log onto the OWA.
Check if the IUSR a/c (for anonymous authentication) is working. Goto properties of default website, security and authentication. Then remove all types of authentication and keep only anonymous. Apply the settings and make sure that when it prompts you to propogate the settings to all virtual directories below, DONOT click yes. we dont want anon auth on all vdirs below.

Then perform iisreset and try browsing the default website & see if you get the under construction page.
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SUNYESFAuthor Commented:
Wrong attachment, sorry, here is the correct attachment
SUNYESFAuthor Commented:
Went thru the steps from msexchange.org doc (delete virtual folders and metabase. Still have the same problem.  Without forms base auth, I can get into OWA.  With FBA Turned on, I get the attachment above.

https:// redirect 403.4 (using owahttps.asp as per Microsoft Exchange 2003 Unleased and msexchange.org)  Get a generic 403 Probable cause, This website requires you to log in.
If I manually enter https://FQDN/ I am can log in with the security lock (without FBA turned on) and everything functions as normal so security isprobably not the root cause.

Logoff button still does not work, must reauthenticate.

Since this box is not in production yet, I can remove excahnge and IIS and start over. however if I do this does anyone have documentation on removing the exchange server (I remember seeing one out there, just can't remember exactly where).
Anyhow its not supposed to prompt for authentication when you log off. That is not by design and you can test in on a Lab machine.
Sorry for the late response.

You could check the same setting on directory settings on Exchange Virtual Directory - do you see the tab filled with \ or Domain Name mentioned at default domain.

SUNYESFAuthor Commented:
It had the NetBIOS domain name in there.  I tried the \, ran the iisreset command.  same problem.

I put in the domain name as xxxx.edu, same problem.  
I was only trying to make it a little easier for my end users to log in.  as of now, we are keeping our instructions to use domain\username or username@domain for log on.  by doing this the end users are not prompted for log off.
If any one has any other comments, I would love to hear from you (especially for the FBA issue Listed above).  My direct supervisor is not so keen on the idea of the FBA and I am still trying to sell him on it.
Thanks everyone.
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