Why am I seeing this on my W2k server when I do nslookup? cachens1.paetec.net.html

I was trying to setup DNS for my first time after creating active directory. In the process I did a nslookup and this value came up ' cachens1.paetec.net.html ' with an IP of I am not sure what this is even when I try to Google it. But since I did not put it there I can't imagine it should be there. I would think my local name would be the correct value. Can I get some detailed help? I would appreciate it. Or at least tell me how to delete this value and install my local server name...not exactly sure what I am doing but I learn REAL FAST. Thanks in advance!!
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debuggerauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
so your local address is for the internal nic?
And the dns entry is

So, it will try to resolve any address from its own DNS service.

Goto Control Panel -> Administration Tools -> DNS.

You should see your clients dns registration here, if the clients are set to register on login, they will automatically propagate.

nslookup is a dns lookup feature, so if you have a dns name, it will try and resolve its address from the active DNS server, not the other way round, thats a reverse DNS lookup, try ping -a <ipaddress> to resolve address to hostname.
Sounds like it is the DNS your ISP allocated for that IP..

you must be running an internal DNS server for AD, so ensure your DNS settings for the network adaptor reflect the servers IP address locally..

That's right:
> server
Default Server:  cachens1.paetec.net

It is an external DNS server.
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Lynx_TechAuthor Commented:
I am doing something wrong. I guess DNS was setup when I ran AD. DNS setting are set in the adaptor. Not sure where to go from here. I disabled my "external" NIC which had the ISP DNS. That leaves my Internal NIC with local values that the nslookup says it can't find server for that IP. Do I need WINS?
NutrientMSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No.  On your DNS server, the DNS Settings needs to point to itself on your Internal NIC.

Then, open DNS
Right Click on the Server Name and choose Properties
Go to forwarders Tab
Set the ISP's DNS server IP in here.

All of your client PC's need to have the local DNS as their DNS server IP Address.
You shouldn't need WINS.

What IP are you looking up with nslookup? Internal or external?
Could you post the query and results?

Because if you've disabled the external all external site will be uncontactable....

Go to your DNS server and setup a forwarder to get the DNS requests that are unresolved locally to go to your ISP's DNS server for resolution..

Lynx_TechAuthor Commented:
I think I am doing something not of the norm, I see where you are going here NutrientMS but maybe I should give a little more info. Please tell me if i should be moving this question to a different area.

On this server, I want to keep the 'external' NIC for updates and TS (maybe PCAnywhere). The 'internal' NIC I want for a small local network.

The clients have a similar NIC setup except the 'internal' is for this local server and the client 'external' is for outside dhcp internet. I have no control over the outside connections though I am trying to create an internal local network.

So I am trying to separate the ISP and the local network while keeping both of them available. Am I making sense and going about this correctly?
Ok, so your DNS Server is also an internet connection sharing server?

I has a NIC for the internal network and a NIC for the Internet?
Lynx_TechAuthor Commented:
Debuggerau, good point, I am using the internal NIC now for the lookup. It is using address, Default Server: localhost, can't find server name for IP (value I have in NIC setting xx.xx.xxx.x).

Correct for the NIC setup, NuMS. However this server is mainly for the internal network (file share, backups, storage etc.) and I only use the external NIC for server updates and remote logon. The clients have their own internet NIC separate from the local network. Yes, strange but these are part of the parameters.
Lynx_TechAuthor Commented:
Can't find server name for address : Timed out
default server: local host
Lynx_TechAuthor Commented:
This is my first question and therefore assignment of grades and points. Hope I comply correctly. Thanks for the help. I have not been in the office since I asked the question. I hope to pick it up again beginning of the month when I return.
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