Is the process of converting a shared mailbox to a regular possible, during workday, without interrupting the user?


After moving mailboxes from exchange 2000 to 2007 we have some shared mailboxes. I know how to convert it but I'm curious to know if that is possible during working hours of the users. Is there any risk to do that? Does the user realize or see anything if we do that during day?

Thanks for your help
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Exchange_GeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To the best of my knowledge the user wont see any affect at all.
* Mostly it shouldn't pose any problem only that as a feature of the Resource mailbox in exchange 2007, the account would be set to disabled.

rolandmuellerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your answer. I've converted 1 Mailbox and the user is still quiet :c)

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