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Posted on 2008-10-10
Last Modified: 2013-11-07
I'm using visual studio 2K5 developing a visual application that communicates with devices attatched to our network which provide temperatures.

I have used additional development toos to debug the application and have found that the application is creating excessive handles and kills the server if left running for a period of time.

System.Net.Sockets.Socket::InitializeSockets      System.dll      0x0000005A is the leak, but am not sure on how to stop, its seems to be a leak within the .NET framework class.

Can someone help?

Public Class clsTempDevice

    Public Sub New(ByVal Device_IP_Address As String, ByVal Device_Port As String, ByVal Sleep_Period As Integer)

        Debug.Print("CREATING Object")

        Device_IPAddress = Device_IP_Address 'Here ne handle

        DevicePort = Device_Port

        SleepPeriod = Sleep_Period

    End Sub

    Public Sub GET_Temperatures()

        Dim DeviceIPAddress As IPAddress

        Dim EndPoint As IPEndPoint

        Dim DeviceSocket As Socket



        Dim strCommand As String = String.Empty

        'Data returned from the network socket.

        Dim strRecvString As String = String.Empty

        'Array to hold the split string.

        Dim strArray() As String

        'Number of bytes return from telnet socket (count)

        Dim intNumBytes As Integer = 0

        'Get the IP Address and the Port and create an IPEndpoint (ep)

        DeviceIPAddress = IPAddress.Parse(Device_IPAddress.Trim)

        EndPoint = New IPEndPoint(DeviceIPAddress, CType(DevicePort.Trim, Integer))

        'Set-up the socket.

        DeviceSocket = New Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp)

        Dim RecvBytesBuffer(255) As Byte 'handle Here


            'Connect to socket


            Debug.Print(Device_IPAddress & " Is Online")

        Catch ex As SocketException



            Debug.Print(ex.Message.ToString, " ----- " & ex.InnerException.ToString)

            Exit Sub

        End Try




            If DeviceSocket.Connected Then


                    intNumBytes = DeviceSocket.Receive(RecvBytesBuffer, _

                    RecvBytesBuffer.Length, SocketFlags.None)


                    strRecvString = strRecvString + _

                    Encoding.ASCII.GetString(RecvBytesBuffer, 0, intNumBytes)


                Loop While intNumBytes = 256 '256 'If less than 256 we at the end of the recv stream






            End If


            'Split returned string at carriage return

            strArray = Split(strRecvString, Chr(13))

            Dim iCounter As Integer

            'iterate through the array, check data is valid

            'and assign the appropriate probe number

            For iCounter = 0 To UBound(strArray)


                Dim strLocalString As String

                Dim StringLength As Integer


                'Check 1st char in the string.

                If Microsoft.VisualBasic.Left(strArray(iCounter), 1) = "1" Then

                    strLocalString = strArray(iCounter)

                    StringLength = Len(strLocalString)

                    'Check len of string is greater than 3 to

                    'ensure reading is valid.

                    If (StringLength > 3) Then

                        Probe_1_TEMP = CStr(strArray(iCounter))

                    End If

                    'ASSIGN probe number to the property

                    Probe_Number = DeviceProbe.Probe1


                    'UPDATE the database.

                    SEND_UpdateMessage(Device_IPAddress, Probe_Number, Probe_1_TEMP)


                End If



                If Microsoft.VisualBasic.Left(strArray(iCounter), 1) = "2" Then

                    strLocalString = strArray(iCounter)

                    StringLength = Len(strLocalString)

                    If (StringLength > 3) Then

                        Probe_2_TEMP = CStr(strArray(iCounter))

                    End If

                    Probe_Number = DeviceProbe.Probe2


                    SEND_UpdateMessage(Device_IPAddress, Probe_Number, Probe_2_TEMP)


                End If



                If Microsoft.VisualBasic.Left(strArray(iCounter), 1) = "3" Then

                    strLocalString = strArray(iCounter)

                    StringLength = Len(strLocalString)

                    If (StringLength > 3) Then

                        Probe_3_TEMP = CStr(strArray(iCounter))

                    End If

                    Probe_Number = DeviceProbe.Probe3

                    SEND_UpdateMessage(Device_IPAddress, Probe_Number, Probe_3_TEMP)

                End If



                If Microsoft.VisualBasic.Left(strArray(iCounter), 1) = "4" Then

                    strLocalString = strArray(iCounter)

                    StringLength = Len(strLocalString)

                    If (StringLength > 3) Then

                        Probe_4_TEMP = CStr(strArray(iCounter))

                    End If

                    Probe_Number = DeviceProbe.Probe4


                    SEND_UpdateMessage(Device_IPAddress, Probe_Number, Probe_4_TEMP)


                End If



            Debug.Print("DEVICE ON: " & Device_IPAddress)

            Debug.Print("Temperature Probe 1: " & Probe_1_TEMP)

            Debug.Print("Temperature Probe 2: " & Probe_2_TEMP)

            Debug.Print("Temperature Probe 3: " & Probe_3_TEMP)

            Debug.Print("Temperature Probe 4: " & Probe_4_TEMP)


            DeviceIPAddress = Nothing

            EndPoint = Nothing

            DeviceSocket = Nothing

            strRecvString = Nothing

        Catch ex As Exception


        End Try

    End Sub

    Public Sub Wait(ByVal PMillseconds As Integer)

        ' Function created to replace thread.sleep()

        ' Provides responsive main form without using threading.

        Dim TimeNow As DateTime

        Dim TimeEnd As DateTime

        Dim StopFlag As Boolean

        TimeEnd = Now()

        TimeEnd = TimeEnd.AddMilliseconds(PMillseconds)

        StopFlag = False

        While Not StopFlag

            TimeNow = Now()

            If TimeNow > TimeEnd Then

                StopFlag = True

            End If


        End While

        ' Cleanup

        TimeNow = Nothing

        TimeEnd = Nothing

    End Sub

End Class

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Question by:Schrader_Electronics
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by:Anurag Thakur
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The socket class if you think is the culprit class from where memory leaks are happening Implements a IDisposable Interface. It means that you can limit the scope of the socket class object by using in the following manner

Using DeviceSocket As New Socket(AddressFamily.InterNetwork, SocketType.Stream, ProtocolType.Tcp)
  ' operation on socket class object
End Using  'when the object goes out of scope its collected by the GC

Author Comment

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I changed the syntax using the "using " gramar, the handles are still being leaked.  The GC does not seen to have a reference to theese handles for some reason, its as if the IDisposable interface is not beining implemented.
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Accepted Solution

Anurag Thakur earned 500 total points
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i was searching on the memory leak problem on google and came across a intresting link
in this link there is a intresting discovery by a user comment no #4

also if you go through this article you will find that when ever the user has opened a socket the memory has increased by 8k though in .Net 1.1 but i am just thinking that the problem still remains

a workaround whihc is jsut coming to my mind is calling GC.Collect() after the socket is closed so that the memory is freed. If that does not work then only microsoft can help... all the best

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