HP 2015 dn printer

I have a HP 2015 dn printer that I want to set up on a network. I want to find the IP address that it is grabbing from the DHCP server. I tried press the green button but it only printed a page with the diffrent kind of connection. No IP configuration. Any thoughts on how to see what IP it id getting if any?
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Robbie NelsonConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Hi Neal,

Did you press the "go" button for at least 5 seconds? You also might want to try this link http://www.hp.com/pond/firmware/hidden/P2015FWUpg20070810.html - a firmware upgrade might resolve your issue. Hope this helps.

When you print the configuration page the network configuration should also print it will also print the network configuration. Hold the GO for 5 seconds when the printer is sitting ready to print the page.

Neal_876Author Commented:
dragon24: and joed:
Thank you for responding!  I tried the firmware upgrade and then it worked.
Robbie NelsonIT ManagerCommented:
Neal, glad to hear it worked!

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