Prioritize NIC traffic between servers with multiple NICs

Server A is Windows 2003 and servers B and C are Windows 2000.

Three servers (A, B and C) are connected to a router.    Server A has three NICs.    All servers can communicate to the router through their NIC 1 and NIC 1 on each server belongs to the same network.    Server B and C are connected to Server A through an additional NIC (Please see attached jpg for a visual representation).        

Need to have Servers B and C use their NICs going to Server A first and use their NIC 1 going to the router second.    

Server A's NICs number 2 and 3 go to servers B and C respectively.    Both these NIC's on Server A are on separate IP ranges (192.168.1.x for Server B and 192.168.2.x for Server C).    Need to prioritize communications from Servers B and C to send data to Server A through their secondary NICs FIRST not through the Router (NIC 1).

Need to utilize the fastest connection to send data to Server A as possible without clogging up the router and being limited to 100Mbit on the router.    Looking to use methods built into the server OS.    Server A is Windows 2003 and servers B and C are Windows 2000.

Thanks a lot for your help.
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willettmeisterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My initial thought it that you need to change the binding order or servers B and C to use their secondary NICS first.  Without knowing what your servers are doing though I'm not sure what problems that is going to cause if any.  To change the binding order open the network connections and choose advanced then advanced settings.  

The problems that this may cause that I can think of is slow response from any applications being served to users because it will continually look at the wrong NIC first.  It may be worth testing though.

otsmisAuthor Commented:
Will changing only the binding order force those NICs to be prioritized over the NIC going to the router?    Currently a hosts file is used instead of binding and getting away from the hosts file is the goal.   What about configuring the NICs differently or does RRAS have anything to do with it?    As for application traffic and changing binding order we will test this but is it as simple as just changing the binding order?
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