midlet audio problem with speaker and ear-phone

My midlet works normally on most phone - by some of the devices such LG Shine, MotoQ and others are directing sound through the ear-phone not the device's main speaker.

I know of no such setting in the Midlet API to control this?
Has anyone encountered this behavior? if so what was the solution? Are their device specific settings I can place in the jad?

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waleed hassanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hello jeffmc033
make sure that your jad file contains
MIDlet-Permissions: javax.microedition.media.control.RecordControl , javax.microedition.media.control.VideoControl.getSnapshot

check out this :

and try to use
    * String[] getSupportedContentTypes(String protocol)
    * String[] getSupportedProtocols(String contentType)
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