Identifing Citrix Licenses

When I go into the Citrix Licensing Management Console and look for licenses, all I see are licenses with the following names.  Of course the x's represent actual numerical values for the license.

There are 9 of these license files.
Where do I find the actual license keys these files contain? Are they in an xml file?

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sk_raja_rajaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
did you find the license file in - C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles\license_20060309115027.lic.
Probably you should contact citrix support and they may help you
Also if you have aaccount in, you can login and view your license keys
There are no licence keys with Citrix Licensing.  The license file is generated at MyCitrix, where you allocate a number of connection licenses against the hostname of your license server.  The resultant file is the .lic file you mention.  If you open this file, you can see some information, such as the number of connection licenses it represents and the version of Presentation Server you are running, but don't be tempted to modify this file (to add a 0 to the number of connections for example), as the file includes a checksum.  Making any modifications to the file will render it unvalid.
lanman777Author Commented:
I have been directed to look in the xml file on this server. This should show me what I am looking for.
However, I have not been able to identify this xml files or licenses.
Are you saying this does not exist?
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The XML files relate to the operation of the LMC (License Management Console).  The actual license information is stored within the license files (.lic).  I'm not clear what you are trying to achieve - can you explain what you are aiming for?
lanman777Author Commented:
Right mouse clicking on license file and open with notepad shows the license number after the sn- entry.
I mentioned that in my first comment - "If you open this file, you can see some information, such as the number of connection licenses it represents".
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