PHP get current date and add 10 days to it

I need a simple php script that will get the current date, add 10 days to it, and then print it out in the format:

Day (Ex. Tuesday), MM/DD/YYYY

This is relatively simple but I don't know what to do if the current date is Oct 26 and not print out something dumb like Oct 36

Thanks in advance
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hieloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
echo date('m/d/Y',strtotime("+10 days"));
DoomtombAuthor Commented:
Didn't know it was that easy! Thanks for the fast response.
small modification

      echo date('l, m/d/Y',strtotime("+10 days"));
DoomtombAuthor Commented:
:X I already assigned the points >_<

but thanks for getting me the exact code for what I asked :) Attention to detail.
you are welcome.
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