Setup an X server in Solaris 8

I am trying to set up the Xserver in Solaris 8 so I can remotly control the machine from my desktop.  Anyone have a procedure I can follow to set this up?
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Brian UtterbackPrinciple Software EngineerCommented:
When you say "from your desktop" what kind of desktop are you using?
moknAuthor Commented:
I have an XP desktop where I have installed X-Win32 application to remote into the Solaris 8 server.  the problem is the processes is not started on my Solaris server.  Any instructions on how to turn that on or manage that?
In this case you need to have X Windows S/W (which is basically an X windows manager) installed on your desktop. If your desktop is windows then you may use free X windows S/W like Cygwin


commercial one like exceed.

You need to install cygwin S/W which is a unix / linux env and commands on MS Windows. Then

- start Xserver on your desktop
- start a cygwin terminal or cli on your desktop
- run DISPLAY=localhost:0.0 ; export DISPLAY
- from the cygwin terminal run ssh -Y solarissys
- once logged in run your X application

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moknAuthor Commented:
Ok, so it does not look like I have SSH installed, on this machine.  I am following these instructions for the installation of SSH, with the updated packages of course.

Any better instructions or any gotcha's i should be aware of?
moknAuthor Commented:
this is a secure LAN any way to do it not of SSH?
did you try to use exceed or x-win32 ? these are commercial. Please see links below:

When you install and start the x windows on your pc then you may connect to  sun solaris (can do discovery on the local network)
moknAuthor Commented:
Yes but it does not look like the Solaris box is listening on that port tcp 177.  When I connect my sniffer up to it I see in the packets from the Solaris server Port unreachable.  

A little history, I inherited this box an not sure what was installed or not installed on it.  So how do I start the service on the server so i can connect with the X-Windows app or if not present how do I install it?
If you have exceed then you can

- start it on your pc
- telnet or ssh to the solaris system

DISPLAY=pc_ipaddress:0.0 (e.g. DISPLAY=
export DISPLAY

- run your X application e.g. /usr/dt/bin/dtterm

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moknAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.  That was the process that I was missing.  
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