chart object, pop up the "Format Axis" dialog

I have a chart ('Microsoft Graph Chart') on my form. I want users to be able to change the scaling of the X and Y1 and Y2 axes of the chart. They can do this by:
  clicking on the chart
  double clicking again on the chart
  double clicking on the axis to select an axis
  righlt clicking and choose Edit Axis
and then they finally get to the "Format Axis" dialog

This is tedious and not obvious. Is there a way to pop up this Format Axis dialog for any axis by using my own command button? I know how to change the scale with VBA and reset it but I want that pop up dialog for the user so they can do interactively.
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DaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In Excel you can run ommandbar execute to pop up the format axis - not a dialog as such but the same outcome is achieved



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LukeBAuthor Commented:
Hi Brett

ok, I am using Access2003. The Excel code you gave does  not work, I get error at the .Selett statement (your second line.). I tried both:
 chart_SWL.ActiveChart.axes(1, 1).Select

where chart_SWL is my chart object

LukeBAuthor Commented:

I know how to do this way:;en-us;158938

but I want to have per my initial quetion, pop up that MS Graph 8 axis dialoge ...
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Its been 10 years since I opened Access - I will ask Patrick Matthews to take a look


LukeBAuthor Commented:
Hi Brett,

Gentle reminder, any success?

No takers ... so I suggest that you ask for the question to be deleted, and then repost it to get it visible again


Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:

A few things are preventing this from being easy.

- The code must change the form from Form View to Design view.

- The code must Slect the chart

- The code must have a "Trigger" (Form, Toolbar, menubar) that puts the chart in "Edit" mode.

- The code must Select the Axis.

- The code must somehow invoke the Format Axis dialog box.

Each of these things alone will be difficult.

If, as you say, you can change the settings via code, then why not just create a form with all the various options, and present that to the user?

LukeBAuthor Commented:
Hi Jeff,

yes, true. But figured if the Excel boffins can do, like Brett shows above that they can, I reckoned the Access boffins can too?

Plus, no sense re-inventing the wheel if avoidable, which is good enough reason!

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:

Yes, but in Excel there is no real "Design View" to contend with, like there is in Access.

Excel and Access are two different programs with to different Object Models.

For example: In Access you can bring up the "Print" dialog box fairly easilly (DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdPrint).
Because you are running the code while the form is in Form View.

If you are Viewing the form, the Graph Format Axis dialog box can only be accessed:
a. When the form is in Design view.
b. When the Chart itself is in "Edit" mode.

This is not the same situation you have in Excel.

So you may have "Reckoned" prematurely.

Now, I don't doubt that if you are willing to dedicate the time and energy to this, it can be done, I merely stated that it would not be "Easy"


LukeBAuthor Commented:

Yes, ok. Thought would be easy, oh well. On the other hand, I don't really want users to be changing anything on the axis other than allowing a rescalling. Like don't want them changing the font,  line style , colour, etc

tx, Luke
LukeBAuthor Commented:
thanks guys, balance of pts goes to Brett for he did offer a solution that works, albeti only for Excel at this point
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