HP D530 motherboard : 512 Chasis fan not detected

I have HP D530 motherbord when I turn on the computer before booting the error message (512 Chassis fan not detected) appears .
I have two fans one for processor and the second for case but the second fan is connected to powersully not to the motherbord .
My computer is doing well all I need id to disappear this message because it reqired pressing F1 to boot
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tenaj-207Connect With a Mentor Commented:

You're right there's no setting to turn off the halt error in the BIOS.  This must be an older machine.  

My only other thought is if you used a splitter to connect both the fans?  Then you would have the one that worked and the one that kept the error message from popping up.  If that's not an option then I think we're out of choices.
On most computers you can turn off error messages like this in the BIOS.

mussaabAuthor Commented:
thank u Tenaj but how can I do that in details plz because it is the first time I deel with Bios
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check your manual for it, or post the pc model
mussaabAuthor Commented:
unfortunately I have no manuall but my motherboard id HP D530
not your motherboard - the pc model !
mussaabAuthor Commented:
It is not original computer it is collected but the Bios family is (786B BIOS Family )
harddisk is WD 80GB
CD ROM is LG 52X max
With many OEM boards fan errors can't be disabled. In order to get rid of the error you'd need to plug a compatible fan into the chassis fan port. Nobus it's an HP D530
mussaabAuthor Commented:
I have a fan connected to powersupply with tow wires black and yellow and I have a useles processor fan has 3 wires black and green and red , this fan can connect with the motherboard .
I try to connect the case fan with the processor connector black with black and yellow with red and leave the green wire , it is turned on and do well but the error message still appear .
when I connect the processor fan to the mother board the message disappear but I cant let it inside the case .
If som one have an idea of how to behave against the green wire I will appriciate
Have you updated the BIOS.  Here's the link to do it;

1) Download the .EXE file to a directory on your hard drive.
2) Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions
mussaabAuthor Commented:
Thank u Tenaj I have made the update mentioned id this site, and now my Bios is 786B2 v2.44 but the problem is still existing . nothing changed still alerting me and asking me to press F1 to Boot
In your BIOS look though the pages for something that says "Halt on..."  It's probably set to Halt on all but keyboard. Change this to say Halt on no errors.  This should by pass the screen asking you to push F1 to Boot.
mussaabAuthor Commented:
Thank u Tenaj , but I failed to find what u say , My Bios is consist of 4 minues : File,Storage,Security and Advanced. Their detailes is
1- File:-
         System Informations
         Set Time and Date
         Save to Deskette
         Restore from Deskette
         Set Defauls and Exit
         Ignore Changes and Exit
        Save Changes and Exit
2- Storage
         2-1 Device Configueration
              2-1-1  hard disk
              2-1-2  CD ROM
              2-1-3  Default Values
       2-2 Storage Options
                        2-2-1  Removable Media Boot
                        2-2-2  Rmovable Media write
                        2-2-3  BIOS IDE DMA Transfers
                        2-2-4  SATA Configueration
                        2-2-5  Primary IDE Controller
                        2-2-6  Secondary IDE Controller
        2-3  IDE DPS self-test
        2-4  Boot Order
        2-5  Controler Order
                          2-5-1 Integrated IDE
                          2-5-1 Integrated SATA

I will continue ......
It should be under advance.
mussaabAuthor Commented:
3- Advanced
         3-1   Power on Options
                 3-1-1    post mode
                 3-1-2    post messages
                 3-1-3    F9 prompt
                 3-1-4    F10 prompt
                 3-1-5    F12 prompt
                 3-1-6    limit CPUID Maximum value to 3
                 3-1-7    option ROM prompt
                 3-1-8    Remote wakeup Boot Source
                 3-1-9    After power Loss
                 3-1-10   Post Delay (in seconds)
                 3-1-11   I/O APIC Mode
                 3-1-12   ACPI/USB Buffers @ Top of memory
                 3-1-13   Fan Idle Mode
       3-2  BIOS wakup
       3-3  Onboard Devices
                      3-3-1   Serial Port A
                      3-3-2   Parallel Port
                      3-3-3   Deskette Controller
      3-4   PCI Devices
      3-5   Bus Options
      3-6   Devices Options
                     3-6-1   Printer Mode
                     3-6-2   Num Lock state on Power on
                     3-6-3   S5 wakeup on LAN
                     3-6-4   Processor Cache
                     3-6-5   Hyper-Threading
                     3-6-8   ACPI S3 support
                                3-6-8-1   video Repost
                                3-6-8-2   hard disk reset
                                3-6-8-3  PS2 mouse wakeup
mussaabAuthor Commented:
4- Security
        Setup Password
        Power on Password
        Device security
        Network service boot
        System IDS
        Master boot record security
The setting were looking for should be under 3-1, 3-1-1, or 3-1-2.
mussaabAuthor Commented:
Post Mode contains (QuickBoot,FullBoot,FullBoot every 1 day,FullBoot every 2 day, ... ,FullBoot every 30 day .
and none of them can solve the problem ,it is about checking the RAM.
Post message contains two choices (Enable,Desable) I try them and nothing happened .
I forget mention some items in Advanced minue :-
3- Advanced
      3-7  unique sleep state Blink Rates
      3-8  AGP Adapture size
      3-9 Monitor Tracking
      3-10 NIC PXE option ROM download
mussaabAuthor Commented:
thank u Tenaj
u do very well and I appriciate ur help
but I fixed another fan and connected it to the motherbord but the fan usually have three wires two for electricity and the third for sencer which make it stop when the wether is not hot so only when I run the computer in mid day and it was hot and room was closed the two fans ware run and no error message but in all day one of them will stop and F1 message appear .
I try to to cut the third wire , the fan continue running regardless of the wether but the message appear again (F1 Boot) .
I know it is strange case but when I search on the internet I found that happening to most of HP motherboard .
I will never giveup .
You r kind and helpfull and ammazing man .Thank u for every thing
I'm always happy to help.
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