Groupwise not installing on Windows XP SP3

I am having a problem installing Groupwise 6.5 on 2 identical machines.
Machine stats: Windows XP Pro SP3
                        Intel Core2 7200
                        1 GB Ram
                        Intel DP43TF motherboard
                        Novell Client installed and functioning fine
                        AVG antivirus 8 (disabled and enabled with no change in install problem)

Problem occurrs when running the Setup.exe from the win32 directory of the groupwise installer.
I have tried installing from the server's client files, a new download of the client installer from Novell, and putting the install files on a CD, pen drive.  All of the methods result in the pointer having an hour glass beside it for a couple moments, then nothing.  
Running Taskmanager reveals the setup.exe file running in the processes, but never a status change.

Groupwise 7 client will install fine (tried it on one of the machines) but it is not compatible with the server version of Groupwise.

Any ideas?
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jsarneckConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Release client is 6.5 Service pack 6

setup.ini file had this info:

I did figure out how to install this product.
If Outlook 2003 or Outlook 2007 is installed the groupwise client will not install.
After removing the Outlook program the groupwise installer ran fine.
What release of the GroupWise client are you working with?

Check the Setup.ini file in the Win32 folder and try changing these options to see if the results varry any:
SuppressWrongOS= change to N
EnableLangDlg=  Change to Y
LogResults=  Change to Y

Good to hear!
GroupWise client and/or agents won't install on Windows 2003 server as long as Data Execution Protection is enabled.  I usually disable it rather than try to add exceptions.  DEP is found in My Computer | Properties | Advanced | Performance Settings and choose the DEP tab.  I set it to "Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only.

You'll know DEP is a problem when you launch the GroupWise setup.exe (or install.exe for some of the agents) and after accepting the license agreement, the installation stops and the screens disappear.

Hope this helps someone sometime...I've run into it a lot as GroupWise runs great on W2K3 server.

Scott Kunau, Sr. Consultant/Partner
Innovative Global Technology Group
West Chester, Ohio
Best guesses

Disable AVG before running the install, does that work?

Try just installing windows messaging WMS.EXE, does that work?

Copy all the mapi*.* from another pc that works to this PC (backup the old ones first), then try install again does that work?

I just re-read yours secondary post, the copy mapi would have worked for you too...
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