a problem in loadMovie

I have a main movie that has two scenes. scene1 has a movie clip which loads another movie clip inside it using loadMovie method, when I load the external movie using the following code in the last frame of the movie clip:

setProperty(this.container, _y, _root._y);
setProperty(this.container, _x, _root._x-200);

I have two problems:
1- the external movie loads and the main movie plays the second scene and I don't want it to play.
2- The external movie has some dynamic text fields; the text does not show and the code on the buttons does not work.
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Aneesh ChopraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
problem was, gallery1.fla code is using hardcoded references to the "_level0" which actually creates problem when loaded inside another SWF

now you just need to replace complete code on frame 2 of "gallery1.fla with following and all should work fine, I tested it locally and all seems working fine

var pos:Array = [0, 350, 700, 1050, 1400, 1750, 2100, 2450, 2800, 3150];
var theInfo:Array = [",G'2 DBJ'3 F3() 'D/GHF H 'D96D'* H 'DE-*HI 'DE'&J DD,3E 'D(41J", ",G'2 *4.J5 HA-5 'D/GHF H*-/J/ 'D(J'F'* 'D:0'&J) 'DEF'3() DD,3E", "The Third Car", "The Fourth Car", "The Fifth Car", "The Sixth Car"];
var _this = this;
var numOfPix:Number = 10;
var w:Number = _this.the1_btn._width;
var h:Number = _this.the1_btn._height;
var speed:Number = 10;
var theTgt:Number = 0
//~~~ The text Format ~~~
var theFmt:TextFormat = new TextFormat();
theFmt.align = "center";
theFmt.color = 0xFF6600;
theFmt.font = "theFont";
theFmt.size = 20;
theFmt.bold = true;
_this.info_txt.selectable = false;
for (i=1; i<=numOfPix; i++) {
	_this["the"+i+"_btn"].createTextField("theNum_txt", 0, 0, 7, w-13, h-5);
	_this["the"+i+"_btn"].theNum_txt.text = i;
for (i=0; i<=pos.length; i++) {
	_this["the"+i+"_btn"].n = i;
	_this.info_txt.text = _this.theInfo[0];
	_this["the"+i+"_btn"].onRelease = function() {
		_this.theTgt = _this.pos[this.n-1]*-1;
		_this.info_txt.text = _this.theInfo[this.n-1];
	_this["the"+i+"_btn"].onEnterFrame = function() {
		_this.thePix_mc.panorama_mc._x += (_this.theTgt -_this.thePix_mc.panorama_mc._x+1500)/_this.speed;

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Aneesh ChopraCommented:
as per my understanding, ur external SWF might be refering to _root which could the main reason.

I suggest to use _lockroot = true, this will lock the root property of external SWF to the root of it own base.. following updated code should fix the issues...

this.container._y = _root._y;
this.container._x = _root._x-200;
this.container._lockroot = true;

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pixarksaAuthor Commented:
I tried your code, but I the same problem is still there ...
FYI, this code runs on the second frame of the movie clip in the main movie.
Also, the dynamic texts do not appear in the loaded clip
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Aneesh ChopraCommented:
with the provided information, it is nearly impossible to suggest any solution..

I request to attach your sample source files for review and quick solution..
pixarksaAuthor Commented:
You can download the files from here

There are two files; the main movie which has a movie clip inside it in the movie library named contents_mask_mc3. This movie clip plays the second and the third frames when you press the first button from the right  in this mc. When frame 3 palys it calls gallery1.swf movie and the dynamic text in gallry1.swf does not show!

To browse it and see  contents_mask_mc3 press the third button from the main menu.
pixarksaAuthor Commented:

anybody can help me in the above problem please!
Aneesh ChopraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
arabic characters in the code gets scrumbled,
so I am sending the udpated/working gallery1.FLA, just complete and use the updated SWF
pixarksaAuthor Commented:
thank you aneeshchopra,

The dynamic text problem is solved, but the problem of the main movie plays the next scene is still there.

To see the problem, press the third button in the main menu, then press the first button from the right in the page contents; you will see that the main movie plays to the second scene while the gallry1.swf is loaded
pixarksaAuthor Commented:

I tried some changes in the loadMovie code, but it is still not working! any idea about the solution ...
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