Accessing a Web service and using Axis2 and Jdeveloper IDE


We have an portal application which is in Jdeveloper IDE. Now there is an webservice which we now should start using.

My question is whether I need to generate stub file using axis2 and import them to Jdeveloper

or Jdeveloper itself can generate the client stubs.

Let me know which one is better?

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rbhargawConnect With a Mentor FounderAuthor Commented:
We can use the stubs created by Axis in Jdeveloper
I don't know if JDeveloper can generate the stubs by itself. I know though that it doesn't really matter.

All IDEs that support the operation above (axis2 client) use the wsdl2java tool of axis2 and generate the exact same client (changes might occur if IDE supports something else beside axis2 like xfire, jax_ws etc).

Personally I use maven2 and I let maven2 appropriate plugin to do the work.
rbhargawFounderAuthor Commented:
But I wanted to know if I can use client stubs created by axis in Jdeveloper environment?
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