I am installing a NETGEAR Wireless router for a friend who has a UPS STORE cannot install the Router on the computer???

I am attempting to install a NETGEAR WGR614 Wireless Router in my friends UPS STORE, UPS has a good deal of security with a NETSCREEN 5GT FIREWALL that the two hard wired computers are hooked up through...Normally I would just hook the router up to the modem and one of the computers to the router install the drivers so the wireless network is established BINGO people can use their laptops and logon...

For some reason unknown to me when I try to install the Software it keeps saying there is a missing dll file, but when I called NETGEAR SUPPORT they say it is because I haven't got it configured properly????

I am at a loss, please help us out??
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> I am not sure what you mean about the DHCP server

There is almost-certainly a DHCP server handing out addresses to the current network already. You want to disable the DHCP server in the netgear, because it's not good practice to have more than one handing out addresses (just one reason for that policy is, if one DHCP server has unique reservations setup, the other one might assign one of those reserved addresses to the wrong device and when the correct device showed up it would get its reserved address and then every windows machine in the subnet would throw an error onscreen about duplicate IPs on the network)... it's possible to set them up correctly so you can have multiple DHCP servers, but it's not a generally accepted nor recommended practice.

> nor am I clear on how to go about changing these IP addresses.

You go into the netgear's configuration menus
1) connect a straight through network cable from your computer to one of the netgear's LAN ports
2) Right-click the ethernet adapter in Network Connections and choose Properties.
3) In the window that opens scroll to the bottom and double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
4) Punch the 'Use the following IP address' radio button and enter - hit tab and should appear. OK, OK your way out.
5) open a browser window and surf to

Under Advanced on the left, look for LAN IP Setup. See attached. In that screen UNcheck the box next to Use Router as DHCP Server. If you need to change the IP address on the switch, the top section's where you would do that.
If the current network is using, set it outside the range of the current DHCP server's scope.
e.g. if the DHCP server is setup to hand out a maximum of 100 addresses starting at, set the netgear to, or
If they're not using the network you do not need to change the netgear's IP. As I said, its only purpose is to access the configuration menus.
In either event I would put a small Post-It or piece of tape on the bottom (not blocking any vents) with the LAN IP address on it so when you need to access its configuration menu again (e.g. to setup the wireless security - I suggest WPA2 with AES if all their wireless devices support it). That way you won't have to do a hard reset and start from scratch with everything at defaults again if you don't remember the LAN address.

At this point you should be able to connect a port on the NETSCREEN 5GT to one of the netgear's LAN ports with a patch cord long enough to reach where you want the netgear to sit/hang, and the router will act as an AP.

When your network adapter has a static IP and is connected directly to one of the router's LAN ports with a network cable, and the router is not connected to anything else, opening a browser and surfing to http://www.routerlogin.net *should* take you to the configuration menu no matter what the router's LAN IP is. If you happened to pick the same address the netgear has been changed to, it should let you know as soon as you plug in the cable, saying that duplicate IPs were detected. Just change the IP of your computer's adapter to something else and try it again.
Please post the exact error message you're receiving.

> Normally I would just hook the router up to the modem and one of the computers to the router
> install the drivers so the wireless network is established BINGO people can use their laptops and logon

Well, usually no installation files would be required in order to add the router if the computers are already on a TCP/IP network. Where is this modem, and what is the netscreen firewall connected to?

If all you want to do is add a wireless access point, do not use the netgear's WAN/Internet port at all... disable its DHCP Server in Advanced->LAN IP Setup, and run a patch cord from a firewall port to one of the LAN ports on the netgear.
Check that they're not using the network, otherwise you'll need to set a different address on the netgear's LAN port to keep their DHCP server from handing that IP out to another device... that would throw duplicate IP errors on all the windows computers. The netgear cannot be configured to accept an address on the LAN ports via DHCP with stock firmware... but it doesn't really NEED an IP, either - those ports (and the wireless) will just be acting as a switch, essentially - all the LAN port address does in the described situation is give access to the web configuration menu (if you can't remember to use http://www.routerlogin.net).
reyeuroAuthor Commented:
I am going to attempt this later today, but I am confused about your instructions:

I am not sure what you mean about the DHCP server nor am I clear on how to go about changing these IP addresses.  Also your last sentence in parenthesis is confusing to me:  (if you can't remember to use http://www.routerlogin.net) this is not clear to me.  Incidentally, NETGEAR has told me to go to the same link but it does not open the router like it should it just directs me to their troubleshooting page!  HELP!
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Oh, and the default username for the netgear is admin ; the default password is password.
reyeuroAuthor Commented:
Please do not scratch this off as neglected or abandoned I am awaiting the opportunity to finish this setup but do to other pressing matters I have been unable to do so .... I am hoping to get this done in the next week!
reyeuroAuthor Commented:
My apologies, I  am scheduled to attempt this installation on Tuesday of next week in the evening, so I will be responding with my results then...
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