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how to build online resume using php

hello everybody

can anyone help me on building an online resume website using PHP, or give me any guidance on how to build such site with security, accuracy and non redundant information. my tools are PHP with MYSQL. my website is concerning on dealing with jobs facility that requires their CV to be filled online using tab forms that ensures the person to fill the first tab and save thier information before he click on the second tab. how can i facilitate this option???
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Ray PaseurCommented:
Suggest you start with a good book on building web sites using PHP and MySQL.

From this source, http://www.sitepoint.com/books/library/

Choose this book: http://www.sitepoint.com/books/phpmysql1/

What you are asking is not something that can be considered a question - you will need at least hundreds of lines of PHP code to accomplish this.  So start with the basics and follow the examples in the Sitepoint book.  It will cover many of the issues you will face.  Then come back here and post questions on specific areas of concern.  

Also, if you do not know HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL, consider finding a school that teaches these things and take the basic courses.  It will get you "up and running" a lot faster than trial and error!

Blessings, ~Ray
Instead of learning all this, you might consider an online source for this. My employer did this instead of recreating it ourselves. We used http://www.applitrack.com, but I am sure there are lots of options.
howidaelrasheedAuthor Commented:
Dear All
thank you for your replying, actually i know how to use PHP and MYSQL, what i need is an example or any guidance on doing such issue, actually i started to do this task , but i want it to be as strong as other websites on security and i want a good guidance on websites using TAB facility.
and exactly dear  nanharbison what i need is an online open sources to help me.
Ray PaseurCommented:
@howidaelrasheed: Security is an issue of great breadth, and it is a constantly moving target.  But to step back a moment, if you get this book: http://www.sitepoint.com/books/phpmysql1/ and follow its guidance, you will have your solution in hand.  The book example is a data base of jokes.  Your application is a data base of resumes - the principles of designing these data bases are exactly the same.

As far as filling out "tab" forms, that is pretty basic HTML.  

If you can reduce the question to something that can be answered with a segment of code, I will be glad to try to help.  It just seems to me, from the nature of your question, that you have many, many moving parts that you need assistance with - and that's shy I recommended a book that addresses most, if not all, of these with clear code examples along the way.

Good luck, ~Ray
Many of the free open source content management systems allow uploading stuff, usually photos. And they have built in ways to control what users are allowed to see. You could start with one of those and customize it a bit so it allows uploading resumes.
Or, you can use a class that pretty securely allows uploads. I found one that I use to allow users to upload their own resume in word, pdf or ppt.
It is here:
It comes with examples so you can see how to use it. I altered it to allow the file types I wanted. It came with the extensions listed below, and I changed it to the second set of supported extensions. You can to be a member to download it, but membership is free.

// came with
$upload->set("supported_extensions",array("gif" => "image/gif", "JPG" => "image/jpeg", "jpg" => "image/jpeg","jpeg" => "image/jpeg" ,"png" => "image/x-png")); 
$upload->set("supported_extensions", array("doc" => "application/msword", "txt" => "text/plain", "pdf" => "application/pdf", "ppt" => "application/vnd.ms-powerpoint"));

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