Populate a second combo box menu when choosing criteria in the first combo box(State/City example)

Can somebody give a very simple (3 States  3 Cities) example of how in Access I can make a form that after choosing a State from a combo box (vlook up from State table)   will populate the second combo box with predetermined list of cities  for the State selected?

Thanks in advance for any input.
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
see this sample db

Exl04Author Commented:
Thanks for the sample.
I took the State/City sample as an analogy for my Db because I knew it will be the best way to explain what I needed it. But,
How can I accomplish the same result if I have separate tables for State and Cities?

This is what Im doing; Im creating a very simple database to collect data in a manufacturing process. The unit been build goes trough 3 inspection Station and I need a form to record the particular issues in each stations, this Issues are not the same in each Station. So I got a table for Station 1, 2, and 3, particular Issues , how can I created a form that will have a combo box that will choose the Station number and then after choosing the Station number the next combo box (Issues) drop down menu will populate according to the Station been chosen in Stations combo box?

I need to write this to a new table where I will have al the Stations data to make reports.

I have attached a sample to help understand what Im trying to do

Thanks gain fro the help.


Have your values in two tables (related) and you can use this as an example.
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Exl04Author Commented:

Dannywareham, thanks for replaying
I must be doing something wrong, or I havent explained correctly what Im trying to accomplish;
 The tables Issues are tables that will be maintain in a weekly bases, Issues are going to be added and subtracted every week, so I need these tables as they are.
 I tried to use the code sample on the link you provided and what the first combo box gives me is the fields names of the table  Stations. Can you apply on the samples to the Example data base I posted?
I need when I choose Station number in combo box 1 populate combox2 with the Issues of station selected in combox1

Exl04Author Commented:
Can some one tell me if I'm using the right table design to use these tables in a combo box.?

Exl04Author Commented:
   Thanks for the sample
   Thanks for the link

I will adapt capricorn1 method

Exl04Author Commented:
Thanks for let me learn from you!

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