How to select a value in the selected row?

How can I select the row pointed to by the arrow in the left column?  I have tried this code:


but it does not select the row that the arrow in the left column is pointing to.  

Tom SageAsked:
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Jorge PaulinoConnect With a Mentor IT Pro/DeveloperCommented:
That way you can use:

Try DataGridView1.SelectedRows(0).Cells(0).Value
Jorge PaulinoIT Pro/DeveloperCommented:
If you want to select the row (with the arrow on the left column) you can do this:

        Dim col As Integer = 2
        Me.DataGridView1.CurrentCell = Me.DataGridView1(0, col)

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Jorge PaulinoIT Pro/DeveloperCommented:
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Tom SageAuthor Commented:
I think I did not explain exactly what I need.  

I need the value of cell zero on the row on which the arrow is currently pointing.  I do not need to select the row.

Thank you
Tom SageAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your quick answer.
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