The SBS installation creates a Users Folders for every user that is added to the AD, that is mapped automatically when users log in to their computers.

We need to move the Users Folders to an external drive, without altering the current configuration.

Is this managed by a Group Policy Object? How should I go about making this change?
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waynewilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The external drive needs to be formatted using the NTFS file system or you wont have any file-level permissions.

Official doc on how to move the folders is here:

Don S.Commented:
If the external drive is attached to the SBS server, then all you need to do is move the Users folder to the external drive and recreate the share with the same name on that folder.  All the mappings will still work as they refer to share names and not physical drive locations.
gabepcsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Is there maybe documentation you could point me to? I'd like to be solid before attempting anything. It's a big deal if more than 30 users stop seeing their shared folders, specially ours, there's more than 250GB there.
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