IMAP Client Application

I'm developing an application which works with IMAP to receive emails from a mail server.
Everything works fine, but when I use UTF-8 characters in subject field, or the name of attached files, I receive some thing like this:

  [0] => stdClass Object
  [attribute] => NAME
  [value] => =?UTF-8?B?2KfYqtit2KfYr9uM2Ycg2LXYp9iv2LEg2qnZhtmG2K/ar9in2YYuZG9j?=

How can I decode it?
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Mortaza DoulatyAsked:
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mgonulluConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not sure if this is helpful:
Mortaza DoulatyAuthor Commented:
Not helpful.

Just some thing about IMAP encoding with C#...
Mortaza DoulatyAuthor Commented:
I just need sample programs rather than just documents...
what is the library are you using for IMAP?
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