Is there a way to keep access to to OWA but block remote desktop access to a particular user

I have a user , that has extreme usage permissions due to some past indesrepancies , i want to give them access to OWA, but block them from using the remote desktop option in Remote web workspace. Is this possible, i dont see an option really to limit any one item on the remote web workspace pages, i was thinking of going into IIS and setting permissions to remote desktop page, but I'd like to hear some other option/opinions , Thanks
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Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
just take the user out of the rww user group - I think owa access should still work ok.
DataVaultAuthor Commented:
nope, this is SBS , OWA is accessed thru Remote workspace
DataVaultAuthor Commented:
I went into IIS and played around with a couple permissions, and found that i could block users from the OWA page. So i'll use it like that, I will keep question open for a bit, if anyone has any other ideas, Would like to eliminate having to mess with IIS, as ive learned in the past messing around in there can muck up your entire RWW....
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