Questions regarding hosted Exchange

I've read and followed the instructions at this URL:

I've got some questions and hoped someone here might be kind enough to assist me :)

I've typed a lot and apologise if these have been asked before. My head is over flowing with questions that I need to ask in order to fully understand.

1. It asks to create a Universal Security Group which I've done. However does it really need an email address? I'm assuming that the reason to have the group is to allow the recipient policy to know which accounts to append the correct email domain? I realise it's also handy to have this group so employees can email everyone but just want to fully understand the process behind it.  Currently I've set to only allow email from authenticated users.

2.  When creating a recipient policy the instructions give a Custom LDAP rule.  I've copied this and altered it to suit our needs.  I kind of understand the rule apart from all the '&' and '(' symbols.  I was wondering though, could I not create the same rule but use the GUI? I've seen a few 'Member Of' statements.  The reason I ask is as I'm unable to create my own LDAP rule I may want to alter it and I'd need to rely on the GUI wizard.  Can the wizard create the same filter that the tutorial mentions?

3.  In the recipient policy I've specified the email address as ' '.  This is ''.  Is this OK to use?

4.  The tutorial mentions that a 'bogus' SMTP address will appear and needs to be present in the recipient policy.  It's basically the network domain after the @ sign.  It never appeared when I set the policy up.  In fact, when I've added users in the past I've always removed the network domain email address from all users.  The tutorial states OWA requires this but we've never had a problem?  Am I missing something or has something changed within Exchange which no longer requires this?

5.  Again, setting up the address book requires an LDAP rule.  The tutorial has a custom rule but could this be created using the GUI wizard?  If so, how?  I've tried using the wizard but it always creates rules which look really long?  These custom ones are so tidy.

6.  I've create a UPN suffix and this works well.  I noticed it only works for accounts you create directly under the OU you've edited.  If you create an account under a Sub OU of the OU you edited then you don't get the option to change domain.  Is this correct?  What is the purpose of the UPN suffix?  Is it simply used for this reason?

7.  I want users to login using their full email address via OWA.  I take it I must ensure to set their username to be 'first.lastname' and then select the correct domain name from the list?  This again appears to work.  I've noticed that the user can also type in 'Domain\username'.  Is this method of two different logins standard?


8.  If I remove a user from the Universal group will the email recipient policy update that users email address? (i.e. remove it?)  OR would I need to reapply the policy manually?

Thank you very much for reading and I hope someone can help :)
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ach_patilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello, Here are some responses to you queries

1) Its not completely necessary. But for the exact reasons you have mentioned its a good idea to have it.
2) You can use the GUI to create the Recipient Policy. Make sure once created, the LDAP query is as per your criteria
3) is valid and completely fine to use.
4) It not a necessary to have it.
5) Custom ones and ones created using GUI produce the same result..
6) UPN suffix in most cases will the user's email address. It will be user's login addresses. They will use these to connect to the Exchange server
7) You are correct. you can use any one of the two to login
8) It should cahnge the address automatically

I have answered them in short as I am getting late for work.

I would suggest you create a test environment to try out all of the above. Its very important, specially the AD permissions tweking part. It kind of gets confising there.
Good luck
BoyderamaAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much. I realise they're silly questions but I hate following instructions unless I can fully understand what is happening. Am going to look at Part Two now so I may have one or two (very small) questions ;)

Hope you were not late for work!! :)
BoyderamaAuthor Commented:
Sorry, I thought I'd closed this question and awarded points.  I shall do so now :) Thanks!
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