Incoming Connections enabled

I am trying to configure a 2003R2 server to be a RRAS and VPN server but I keep getting an error message stating that the incoming connection is enabled. I have researched this and was told to look in the network connection folder and disable. I do not see anything but the network connection icon, no folder. I was told to go into the registery and make changes to the RRAS, set it to 0 but they did not specify set what to 0 because the RRAS has several sub-keys. I am a newby so maybe I just don,t understand what it being refered to by "Incoming Connection".
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Depends what you are trying to do ?

Please provide  more details.

How many NICs ?

Do you have a hardware firewall/ Router ?

what kind of VPN do you want ?

I hope this helps !
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