FTP upload appears to cause ADSL restart after a short time.

The ADSL restarts on our router with the following appearing in the logs.

2008 Oct 12 22:34:58 [DGFV338-1] [wand] [FW] Firewall Restarted
2008 Oct 12 22:35:23 [DGFV338-1] [wand] [IPSEC] IPSEC Restarted
2008 Oct 12 22:35:38 [DGFV338-1] [wand] [FW] Firewall Restarted
2008 Oct 12 22:36:03 [DGFV338-1] [wand] [IPSEC] IPSEC Restarted

The timing of these restarts co -insides with scheduled FTP uploads and manually starting an FTP upload causes the router to restart.

Any thoughts most welcome.
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RichardPogsonConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The router firmware was the latest available patch. However there is also modem/dsl firmware for this device. Patching this has resolved the issue.
willbaclimonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you checked for code upgrades?
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