Unable to delete email in Outlook 2003 (Exchange 2003)

We are currently struggling to delete a few instances of an email that is sitting in a users Junk Email Folder (New Senders). The email came in containing a virus and somewhere along the line, the email has been deleted (It goes through GFI and AVG for Exchange). This has left in a few users inboxes blank emails (can see the subject line but not any sort of message) that we can not delete. When trying to delete we get the error "The item was found to contain a virus that could not be cleaned. For more information, contact your Exchange server administrator". I could use exmerge to solve the problem, but some of the users have ridiculously large inboxes (some over 6 gig) and it would take forever to do. I have tried giving myself the highest permissions on the folder; nothing seems to work.

Does anyone have any idea how to delete these emails quickly and with minimal effort?
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gupnitConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Login via OWA and delete the mails.
Justin DurrantSr. Engineer - Windows Server/VirtualizationCommented:
Have you tried accessing the mbx via the service account and deleting?
impactuserAuthor Commented:
I can't believe it was that simple; thank you!
My pleasure :-) ! This is due to your AV on client !!!
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