Installing XP via Network (No USB Stick, No CD-ROM, no Floppy)

This is the computer that I have.

I was going to reformat the PC for cleanup (just like any other), but found out there's no CD-ROM, so I connect the drive to another PC to do the installation.

Upon finish, I reconnect the drive to the Compaq PC and it won't boot, safe mode stops at mup.sys. Probably too many hardware change since I installed XP on another PC and couldn't register. Okay.

I try pulling the CD-ROM to the Compaq PC, but stupid Compaq PC has such unique connector that it won't connect to a normal CD-ROM (their IDE interface is a lot skinnier)

Their security screw do not allow me to access the mainboard, which means I cannot connect another IDE cable (to chnage the small connector to a normal one).

There is no floppy drive.
The PC is too old to do USB Stick/CD-ROM/USB Floppy Boot.

This only leaves me with one solution to get it working, to boot from Network. It is PXE compatible but I just don't know how to boot it.

I can get the "WinXP Image" to the drive (the i386), but I just need to BOOT the PC so that it can "run the setup".

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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tdorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Found some links on Google related to the mup.sys problem and how various people solve it. Althrou none had your specific situation, I put them here non the less

At this point I start thinking about hardware issues on the old pc (motherboard/ram)

For the installation of a winXp via network - here are some links (you'll need a win2k3 server to do this)

The last thing I can thing of is to move back the HDD to the new computer, install FreeDos ( and then copy the installation files to disk and start it all over again

Another thing you might like to try - if you have a win2k disk - to fully install it on the new computer and then move it to the old one (windows 2000 do not complain if you install it on a pc and then move the HDD to another system)
Hello Maiev,

Please try the following

Put the old HDD as primary on you other computer
start the WinXp installation
wait until is copies all files on HDD and ask for a reboot
shutdown the computer instead
put back the HDD on you "new" computer and add this one as a slave
copy from the cd-rom hte i386 folder on the old computer (do not overite data)
put the old HDD to the old computer
boot it up
installation of the WinXp should continue as normal

if it's asking for various files, just point him to the folder copied on the HDD


MaievAuthor Commented:
Sounds like a good solution, trying it right now!
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MaievAuthor Commented:
btw you said to copy the i386 folder .. from where to where? (since you also said don't overwrite!) thanks :D

to copy it from the windows Xp installation Cd

MaievAuthor Commented:
Nope... it won't boot.

What is the error it gives?

MaievAuthor Commented:
Even the Windows XP Logo won't pop :O but when I plug the HDD back to the other PC, it boots... wtf? :O!

Let me see if I understand:
you put the old HDD in the iPAQ computer
start-it up
it passed the bios part
stops at the loading of the windows logo? (if should have been a blue screen in which it tell "installing windows")

MaievAuthor Commented:
Here's what I did.

New PC (with CD ROM, USB, everything)
Compaq (retarded PC)

I remove the Compaq HDD, put it into my New PC, start the Windows XP installation as a primary drive (only drive in system).

Just when the 15sec countdown, I shutdown the PC.

Now I swap it to secondary, plug in my Primary New PC and boot as new PC, and copy the I386 folder to the Old Compaq HDD. Its only got Windows folder in it.

Complete that, then remove the Old HDD from NEW PC and put it back to Compaq and continue installation.

But black screen.
2 things come now in mind:

- Check the master/slave pin on the old HDD
- bios settings in the old Compaq
MaievAuthor Commented:
Those are not the problem. The HDD blinks, loads a few files, but never made it to the logo screen. If boot in safe, it still stops at mup.sys
otherwise I'm out of ideas :(
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