restarting Warm StandBy for MS-SQL 2000

I'm new to the DBA position and I need to restart the Warm StandBy setup. We did a DR drill recently and in order to get the Warm StandBy server up and running I restored the databases. Now I don't know how to get them back into the WS mode ?

I do know that we use a modified log shipping process to accommodate our requirements and constraints. It insert data into msdb..usp_logshipHst table on DR server based on the transaction dumps done at production database. An independent job running at DR server will pickup and apply the transaction logs systematically at DR site. Again the transaction dump is independent to either log shipping or log marking, so that we will always have transaction dumps, irrespective of adverse situations.
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TAB8Connect With a Mentor Commented:
opps wrong link .... 

look at the NORECOVERY option for your database ...
You will want to Change the Database Recovery Mode
IDCSSupportAuthor Commented:

I'm not sure what you mean, the Recovery Model for these db's is Full ?

What other steps are needed to resart WS ?

IDCSSupportAuthor Commented:
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