Setting up port forwards in SBS to get around pinholes in netopia 3347

I have an SBS 2003 server, standard, 2 nics connected to a netopia 3347. i have  VOIP phone server on the LAN side that is getting an IP address on the LAN.  The netopia allows for pinholes but for phone call i need to open a reange of ports and port range forwarding appears not be an option on the netopia.  So should I bridge the netopia ,set up my PPOE info on the WAN Nic and then port forward my ranges on the SBS server or is there another easier way to do this.?

Computer HelperWindows Server AdminAsked:
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Assuming you have a dynamic or single static IP, the 3347 does support pinhole ranges(*)..

Expert Mode > Configure > Advanced > Pinholes

Pinhole Name
Protocol (TCP/UDP)
External Port Start *
External Port End *
Internal IP Address (e.g., 192.168.x.x)
Internal Port

Computer HelperWindows Server AdminAuthor Commented:
thanks  i guess i missed the external port end  field,  The phone server has an address of and the netopia is connected to the WAN Card given and address, how do i make point traffic from the netopia  to the lan address of the  phone server.   so basically they have a static address that the netopia has and the router has and address of that then is connected to the server wan nic and then the server does DCHP for the LAN using the .  Once the audio ports are open on the netopia how to pass to the phone server.

Thanks P2E
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Different question/solution, but same area in the netopia....  Under the Advanced menu, use "IP Static Route".  You should be fine.

Also, since the server is running DHCP, I recommend you turn OFF the DHCP in the dsl modem/router.

Computer HelperWindows Server AdminAuthor Commented:

will doing the IP static route work since the netopia is on a 10.1.1.x network and the LAN is

Hmmm, and just when it was getting good...
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