MS Word: Missing Shortcut Message When Launched Won't Go Away

When I launch Microsoft Word 2003 on my Windows XP system, a message box pops up and starts looking for missing shortcuts, sometimes one, two, or three.  This takes time and I have to hit cancel for each one.  

Even if I click the browse button, find a shortcut and click on it, this action is not remembered the next time.

It especially happens the first time the program (MS Word) is launched after bootup, but seems to happen other times as well.

Can someone tell me where in the Registry (or otherwise how) to fix this?
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apache09Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Uninstall and Re-install Office 2003 / Word 2003
This will fix it for sure
How are you launching the application (WORD)?
By clicking on an icon on the desktop
By going to Start>Programs>Microsoft Office>Word
By exploring to the actual location of the exe?
By opening a Word Document on desktop or in folder location?
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WizeOwlAuthor Commented:
Apache09: I'm usually launching by clicking the desktop shortcut icon.  I don't recall if it does this behavior when double clicking the file name, or by clicking on programs/exe.  I'll have to try those.  

sk_raja_raka: I will try those fixes and report back here in the next day or two.

no problem... please ignore my first link ( and try the other one only
If the issue is only with the desktop icon.

Select the Icon and choose delete.

Locate your Word.exe eigther by going to Start>Programs>MS Office>MS Word
Right click on Start>Explore>C:>Program Files>Microsoft Office>Office 11 or 12 (Depending on Version)

Can also go to Start>Search> All Files and Folders> Word.exe (Should be located in the MS Office Folder)

Once found, just right click on it and choose>Send To>Desktop

WizeOwlAuthor Commented:
apache09:  I tried replacing the Shortcut Icon as suggested; however, it still looks for the missing shortcut.
WizeOwlAuthor Commented:
raja:  The only PDFMaker MS Office file I found was:

C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\PDFMaker.xla  

which I've renamed and will report what happens.
WizeOwlAuthor Commented:
None of the suggestions so far have worked.
WizeOwlAuthor Commented:
My experience with Microsoft programs is they never uninstall cleanly.  In fact it can do a lot more harm than good in ways you may not be aware for a while.  

I was hoping to find a more viable solution such as a registry edit, or replacing a dll file.
WizeOwlAuthor Commented:
Another thing I've found on this site is other experts won't respond once the first expert has responded so there won't be competition for points.  So, while there may be other answers, I won't know since the other experts won't even bother to read the question at this point.
WizeOwlAuthor Commented:
While your question certainly does answer the question, I can award points, but I'd be inclined to give it a grade of B.
WizeOwlAuthor Commented:
Word > Tools > Options > View > Enable Startup Task Pane
Open MS Word
In the Task Pane, Select the "More" link under "Open"
This will take you to an Explorer window.
Test all shortcuts to be sure they are working.

Either delete them, or change the target in the Properties area of the shortcut.


Error Dialog Boxes:
Missing Shortcut
    Windows is searching for '..'
    To locate the file yourself, click browse

The drive or network connection that the shortcut '..' refers to is unavailable.
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