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I am trying to add a doc revision history at the bottom of a Notes form/doc. I just need date/time and user name of last 3 edits. I _really_ need to keep this as simple as possible. I've tried a few code snippets online but nothing has worked so far. Last code attempt is posted. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
This formula allows you to keep a revision history in a single computed field. Unlike most such revision trackers, it does not rely on the QuerySave event. The formula tests if the current user's name is in the most recent entry in the field. If so, only the date is updated so you don't get multiple entries for the same person if there is no intervening editor. The results display like this:
Joe Smith 10/29/2001 12:40:08 PM
George Bush 10/29/2001 12:40:46 PM
Rob Pinion 10/29/2001 12:50:15 PM
George Bush 10/29/2001 12:50:41 PM
REM "To use this function change the field name below from displayUpdater to your field name";
REM "The field should be Text, computed, allow multiple values, display separate entries with New Line"; 
REM "Assign all current lines in this field to a temporary variable";
REM "Each new line will have the user's name and the current date-time";
newLine:=thisUser+" "+@Text(@Now);
REM "Now compare to see if the current user is the most recent editor";
REM "Get the last entry since it contains the most recent editor";
REM "First get a count of the number of lines --- elements --- already there";
REM "If there's only one line assign it to lastEntry var, otherwise assign the last entry to lastEntry var";
REM "Test whether the last line contains the name of the current user";
REM "Later we want to replace that line rather than adding a new line every time he saves the doc";
REM "Now get all lines but the last line";
REM "If the doc is being saved, then if this is same user return all but the last line followed by the new line";
REM "If this is not the same user, return everything preexisting plus a new line";
REM "If the doc is not being saved just show the contents of the field";

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rd153Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You have a number of options available to you, however since you only want simple information, it would be just as easy to do this using the following collection of fields set out in a table:

txtCreatedBy - @Name (Computed when composed Text Field)

timCreatedDate - @Now (Computed when composed Date Field)

RN - @If(@IsDocBeingSaved;@If(RN="";1;(@Subset(RN;1) +1): @If(@Elements(RN)>4; @Subset(RN;4); RN));@IsNewDoc;"";RN) (Computed Numeric Field which displays revision number)

txtEditor - @If(@IsDocBeingSaved;@If(txtEditor = "";@Name([CN];@UserName);@Name([CN];@UserName) :@If(@Elements(txtEditor) >4 ; @Subset(txtEditor;4); txtEditor)); @IsNewDoc;"";txtEditor) (Computed Text Field which dispays editor name)

txtEditDate - @If(@IsDocBeingSaved; @If(txtEditDate = ""; @Now;@Now : @If(@Elements(txtEditDate) > 4 ; @Subset(txtEditDate; 4);txtEditDate)); @IsNewDoc;"";txtEditDate) (Computed Date Field which dispays modified date)

The attached gif provides some idea of what it would look like.  If you want to do the same thing in script, you can use a subform with something like this:

Field 'History'
Subform Declarations:
Dim session As NotesSession
Dim old List As String

Sub Postopen(Source As Notesuidocument)
      Set session = New NotesSession
      Dim sRichText As String
      old("Subject") = Source.FieldGetText("Subject")
      old("Categories") = Source.FieldGetText("Categories")
      old("ReviewerList") = Source.FieldGetText("ReviewerList")
      old("ReviewType") = Source.FieldGetText("ReviewType")
      old("Body") = Source.FieldGetText("Body")
End Sub

Sub Querysave(Source As Notesuidocument, Continue As Variant)
      On Error Goto E
      On Error Goto 0
      initial = Source.IsNewDoc
      If initial Then m$ = session.CommonUserName & " - " & Cstr(Now()) & " - created document"
      Forall F In old
            v$ = Source.FieldGetText(Listtag(F))
            If Not initial And Not v$ = F Then
                  If m$ = "" Then
                        m$ = session.CommonUserName & " - " & Cstr(Now()) & " - modified "
                        m$ = m$ & ", "
                  End If
                  If F = "" Then F = {""}
                  m$ = m$ &  Listtag(F) & Chr$(10) & " from " & Chr$(10) & F & Chr$(10) & " to " & Chr$(10) & v$
            End If
            F = v$
      End Forall
      If initial Then
            Source.FieldSetText "History", m$
      Elseif Not m$ = "" Then
            Source.FieldAppendText "History", Chr$(10) & m$
      End If
X: Exit Sub
E: Continue = False
      Resume X
End Sub
WHat is not working ?

Have you defined the field displayUpdater as required by this code ?

What is happening ?

Any errors ?

have you tried the debugger ?

I hope this helps !
yim11Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply - I have defined the field displayUpdater to match my field name, when I say nothing is happening I mean that as literally as possible. Absolutely nothing is displayed - no field, no error, no data or information. I'm pretty sure that's due to the field being set to computed. Never run the debugger without an actual error so not sure how to do that. Sorry I don't have more info, let me know what else is needed.

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have you tested this in a clean DB, in a simple form first, with nothing else but 1 other field ?

yim11Author Commented:
I have now. And was able to get it to work on a clean db and a couple basic fields (needed a text field to actually edit to make sure it was working) - and it does work in the sandbox. I copied the entire field/info over to the form I'm working with and it doesnt work. My first thought is that since this code was based on not having to use the Querysave event and my form DOES use a querysave event that may be whats messing things up, but not sure since I'm no Notes expert. I've attached the querysave code just in case it helps.


Sub Querysave(Source As Notesuidocument, Continue As Variant)
	If Source.Document.Size > 5000000 Then
		If Messagebox( "File is very large (" & Round( Source.Document.Size / 1000000, 0) _
		& "MB). Please reduce if possible before attach. Press CANCEL.   Press OK to attach anyway",  257, "Size check") _
		= 2 Then Continue = False
	End If
End Sub

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yim11Author Commented:
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