virtual server backup

Posted on 2008-10-13
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
looking for a reason as to why the fallowing script will not give the reason why the xcopy failed
any info will be helpfull thanks
Set objShell = CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")

'local computer computer name

strTime = "local computer"

'net use share name

strNetShare= "share name here"

'backup computer name

strRemotepc = "ipaddress here"

'backup freenas server name

strnasdevice = "computer name here"

'location for the daily backup

strold = "W:"

'backup location for the old files

strolderfiles = "ip address here"

'backup directory drive

strBackupDrive= "Z:"

'Drive containing Virtual Machines

strVMdrive = "E:" 

'VM folder path

strVMfolder = "\virtual"

'available drive letter used to mount shadow copy

strTempDrive = "x:"

'nas device drive

strnas = "N:"

'nas computername

strnascomputer = "nas name here"

'nas sharename

strnasdevice ="nas share here"

'shadow command file

sExCmd = "CreateVSS.cmd"

'logs for program

sLog = "logs.txt"

'cleanup file

scleanup = "cleanup.cmd"

'email variables


'email address 1

stremail1 = ""

'email address 2

stremail2 = ""

'from host email

strfrom = ""


strmailserver = ""

'message subject

strsubject= "bla backup"

'===================YOU SHOULD NOT NEED TO CHANGE ANYTHING BELOW THIS LINE========================================

dim result

'get the day of week


dtmTargetDate = date()  

intDay = WeekDay(dtmTargetDate)

if intDay= 1 then

strday = "Sun"

end if

if intDay= 2 then

strDay = "Mon"

end if

if intDay= 3 then

strDay = "Tues"

end if

if intDay= 4 then

strDay = "Wed"

end if

if intDay= 5 then

strDay = "thurs"

end if

if intDay= 6 then

strDay = "fri"

end if

if intDay= 7 then

strDay = "Sat"

end if


'get the week number 1-6


dtmDay = DatePart("d", dtmTargetDate)

dtmMonth = DatePart("m", dtmTargetDate)

dtmYear = DatePart("yyyy", dtmTargetDate)

dtmStartDate = dtmMonth & "/1/" & dtmYear

dtmStartDate = CDate(dtmStartDate)

intWeekday = Weekday(dtmStartDate)

intAddon = 8 - intWeekday

intWeek1 = intAddOn

intWeek2 = intWeek1 + 7

intWeek3 = intWeek2 + 7

intWeek4 = intWeek3 + 7

intWeek5 = intWeek4 + 7

intWeek6 = intWeek5 + 7


'get the day of the week


If dtmDay <= intWeek6 Then

    strTime1 = "Week 6"

End If

If dtmDay <= intWeek5 Then

    strTime1 = "Week 5"

End If

If dtmDay <= intWeek4 Then

    strTime1 = "Week 4"

End If

If dtmDay <= intWeek3 Then

    strTime1 = "Week 3"

End If

If dtmDay <= intWeek2 Then

    strTime1 = "Week 2"

End If

If dtmDay <= intWeek1 Then

    strTime1 = "Week 1"

End If


'daily backup

stroldbackup = strold &"\"& strDay

' Backup target folder or UNC path

strBackupDir = strBackupDrive &"\" & strTime

'log file creation

set FileSys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

if FileSys.FileExists(sLog) then FileSys.DeleteFile(sLog)

set oLog = FileSys.CreateTextFile(sLog,CopyOverwrite)

'write all vars to the log file for verfication

olog.writeline("local computer computer name: "& strTime)

olog.writeline("backup computer name: "& strRemotepc)

olog.writeline("backup freenas server name: "&strnasdevice)

olog.writeline("location for the daily backup: "&strold)

olog.writeline("backup directory drive: "&strBackupDrive)

olog.writeline("Drive containing Virtual Machines: "&strVMdrive)

olog.writeline("VM folder path: "& strVMfolder)

olog.writeline("available drive letter used to mount shadow copy: "& strTempDrive)

olog.writeline("nas device drive: "& strnas)

olog.writeline("shadow command file: "& sExCmd)

olog.writeline("logs for program: "& sLog)

'place time of day in file

olog.writeline("backup created at" &date &" "& time)

'create commands for shadow copy

Set oFileSys = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

if oFileSys.FileExists(sExCmd) then oFileSys.DeleteFile(sExCmd)

set oExCmd = oFileSys.CreateTextFile(sExCmd, CopyOverwrite)

' Create Shadow copy of VM drive

oExCmd.WriteLine "set startdate=%date%"

oExCmd.WriteLine "set starttime=%time%"

oExCmd.WriteLine "vshadow.exe -script=setvar1.cmd -p " & strVMdrive

oExCmd.WriteLine "call setvar1.cmd"

oExCmd.WriteLine "vshadow.exe -el=%SHADOW_ID_1%," &strTempDrive

oExCmd.WriteLine "net use "&strBackupDrive&" \\"&strRemotepc&"\"&strNetShare

oExCmd.WriteLine "net use "&strnas&" \\"&strnascomputer&"\"&strnasdevice

oExCmd.WriteLine strnas

oExCmd.WriteLine "mkdir " & strTime1

oExCmd.WriteLine "net use "&strold&" \\"&strolderfiles&"\V_M_backup"

oExCmd.WriteLine "dir "&strold

oExCmd.WriteLine "dir "&strBackupDrive

oExCmd.WriteLine "dir "&strnas

oExCmd.WriteLine strBackupDrive


'run shadow copy

'result = read_lines(sExCmd)

'if u want to log the shadowcopy data please uncomment above line and then comment between the lines


 set objExecObject = objShell.exec(sExCmd)

  Do Until objExecObject.StdOut.AtEndOfStream

   strLine = objExecObject.StdOut.ReadLine()

   strIP = Instr(strLine,"Address")



olog.writeline("shadow copy completed at "& Month(Now) & "-" & Day(Now) & "-" & Year(Now) &_

  "_" & hour(now) & "-" &  minute(now))

'create backup of old data every day

olog.writeline ""

olog.writeline ""

olog.writeline "--------------------old files data-----------------------------"

olog.writeline "moving old files to the backup directory time is now "& Time

olog.writeline ("xcopy "&strBackupDir &" " &stroldbackup&" /s /i /y")

result = read_lines("xcopy "&strBackupDir &" " &stroldbackup&" /s /i /y")

olog.writeline "finnished moving old data at " & Time

olog.writeline "--------------------end of old files move----------------------"

olog.writeline ""

olog.writeline ""

'weekly backups only runs on firday 

'intday = 1-6

'1 = Sunday

'2 = Monday

'3 = Tuesday

'4 = Wendsday

'5 = Thursday

'6 = Friday

'7 = Saturday

if intDay = 6 then

olog.writeline "preparing for nasbackup"

'start backup to nas device

olog.writeline ""

olog.writeline ""

olog.writeline "-----------------------friday backup data----------------------------"

olog.writeline "backup for freenas started at"& time

olog.writeline ("xcopy "&strTempDrive&strVMfolder& " " &strnas&"\"&strTime1&" /s /i /y")

result = read_lines("xcopy "&strTempDrive&strVMfolder& " " &strnas&"\"&strTime1&" /s /i /y")

olog.writeline "backup to freenas ended at" & time

olog.writeline "-----------------------friday data ended-----------------------------"

olog.writeline ""

olog.writeline ""

end if


olog.writeline "-------------------------virtual server data----------------------"

olog.writeline "backup to vs2 started at"& time

olog.writeline "xcopy "&strTempDrive&strVMfolder& " " &strBackupDir&" /s /i /y"

result = read_lines("xcopy "&strTempDrive&strVMfolder& " " &strBackupDir&" /s /i /y")

olog.writeline "backup to vs2 ended at" & time

olog.writeline "-------------------------virtual sever data end-------------------"

olog.writeline ""

olog.writeline ""

'cleanup starts

Set oFileSys1 = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

set oExCmd1 = oFileSys.CreateTextFile(scleanup, CopyOverwrite)

oExCmd1.writeline "Echo y | vshadow.exe -da"

oExCmd1.writeline "net use "& strBackupDrive &" /delete"

oExCmd1.writeline "net use "& strnas &" /delete"

oExCmd1.writeline "net use "& strold&" /delete"

oExCmd1.writeline "Echo y | del C:\setvar1.cmd"

oExCmd1.writeline "Echo y | del C:\CreateVSS.cmd"

oExCmd1.writeline "Echo y | del C:\cleanup.cmd"


result = read_lines("C:\cleanup.cmd")


result = read_lines("C:\sendEmail.exe -f "&strfrom&" -u "&strsubject&" -t "&stremail2&" -o message-file=C:\logs.txt -s "&strmailserver)

result = read_lines("C:\sendEmail.exe -f "&strfrom&" -u "&strsubject&" -t "&stremail1&" -o message-file=C:\logs.txt -s "&strmailserver)

'-------------function that will launch the exe / bat ect. to read the output to a text file creating a log

Function read_lines(x)

 set objExecObject = objShell.exec(x)

  Do Until objExecObject.StdOut.AtEndOfStream

   strLine = objExecObject.StdOut.ReadLine()

   strIP = Instr(strLine,"Address")

   oLog.WriteLine strLine


End Function


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Question by:03671328
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Author Comment

Comment Utility
other info that i didnt add...
runing windows 2003 server enterprice in a domain controler enviremnet.

example of the log output

local computer computer name: vs1

backup computer name:

backup freenas server name: Internal_backup

location for the daily backup: W:

backup directory drive: Z:

Drive containing Virtual Machines: E:

VM folder path: \virtual

available drive letter used to mount shadow copy: x:

nas device drive: N:

shadow command file: CreateVSS.cmd

logs for program: logs.txt

backup created at10/13/2008 3:13:00 PM

shadow copy completed at 10-13-2008_15-13

--------------------old files data-----------------------------

moving old files to the backup directory time is now 3:13:32 PM

xcopy Z:\vs1 W:\Mon /s /i /y

Z:\vs1\Log Server.vhd

0 File(s) copied

finnished moving old data at 3:53:51 PM

--------------------end of old files move----------------------

-------------------------virtual server data----------------------

backup to vs2 started at3:53:51 PM

xcopy x:\virtual Z:\vs1 /s /i /y











X:\virtual\Log Server\Log Server.vmc







X:\virtual\Name Server 1\Name Server 1.vmc

X:\virtual\Virtual Web 1\data.vhd

backup to vs2 ended at4:46:20 PM

-------------------------virtual sever data end-------------------

C:\>Echo y   | vshadow.exe -da 

VSHADOW.EXE 2.2 - Volume Shadow Copy sample client

Copyright (C) 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

(Option: Delete all shadow copies)

This will delete all shadow copies in the system. Are you sure? [Y/N] 

- Setting the VSS context to: 0xffffffff

- Deleting shadow copy {7b398665-82d0-4c2f-80c2-f22dccdb4af1} on \\?\Volume{727228eb-6f09-4db6-87c3-16609e706842}\ from provider {b5946137-7b9f-4925-af80-51abd60b20d5} [0x00520009]...

C:\>net use Z: /delete 

Z: was deleted successfully.

C:\>net use N: /delete 

N: was deleted successfully.

C:\>net use W: /delete 

W: was deleted successfully.

C:\>Echo y   | del C:\setvar1.cmd 

C:\>Echo y   | del C:\CreateVSS.cmd 

C:\>Echo y   | del C:\cleanup.cmd 

Oct 13 16:46:24 vs1 sendEmail.exe[7416]: Email was sent successfully!

Oct 13 16:46:24 vs1 sendEmail.exe[1748]: Email was sent successfully!

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Assisted Solution

pit1140 earned 250 total points
Comment Utility
may help: i have seen, that moving (maybe copying) the virtual server vhd may have problems when you have vmrc running and the stopped (!) machine is running...

try your script after removing the machine from vmrc.

and use data protection manager - with vss you may get online backups while die vm is running (when windows)! ;)

Author Comment

Comment Utility
the whole idea of the script is to make shure the virtual machines stay running. for no down time. So i create a shadow copy then mount it, and copy the data from the shadow to anouther drive. I would like to add why it would error out. as in why it would not copy.
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Expert Comment

Comment Utility
what is the specific error of xcopy?

Author Comment

Comment Utility
thats what i need to find out it dont say.

Accepted Solution

03671328 earned 0 total points
Comment Utility
well i figgured it out need to add the

strerror = objExecObject.StdErr.ReadLine()

to get the error output
Function read_lines(x)

 set objExecObject = objShell.exec(x)

  Do Until objExecObject.StdOut.AtEndOfStream

   strLine = objExecObject.StdOut.ReadLine()

   strerror = objExecObject.StdErr.ReadLine()

   strIP = Instr(strLine,"Address")

   oLog.WriteLine strLine &"             "&strerror

	if strerror="" Then


	errors= errors &strLine&vbCrLf&strerror&vbCrLf&"_________"&time()&"_________"&vbCrLf

	end if


'error logging

if strerror="" Then

	   olog.writeline "no errors occured"


  	   olog.writeline ""

  	   olog.writeline ""

  	   olog.writeline "errors"

  	   olog.writeline ""

  	   olog.writeline errors

end if

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