Dell Optiplexs (3) Will Not Power Up After Ensuring the Power Supplies Work

Over the last 2 days I have been hit with 3 different trouble tickets all relating to the same thing.  These Dell Optiplexes won't power up.  I have tested all three with a working power supply (actually with the one I am using to type this question).

No fan
No lights
No nothing, except
one of them shows the Nic light on even though the PC won't power up.  I don't have a voltage meter.

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aleghartConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Strip everything except one stick of RAM.  (Unless it is pairs only.)

Are there any swollen capacitors you can see on the MB?
Or, the tell-tale smell of burnt electronics (and/or coffee)?
chilternPCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
so you have tried a new power supply and still nothing?
its either the switch from the case onto the motherboard  OR  (more lightly)
the motherboard and/or CPU is dead.
Remove plug from mains power.
Press and holder power button for 10 seconds.
Plug back into mains power.
--you might see a blue arc as you plug it back in
Press power button.

Does it power up now?
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TX_SCUBAAuthor Commented:

Tried it on all three machines.  No Go.


I have taken of three apart and there is a light on the MB for all of them.

One way to diagnose the MB issue to take all the components off, right and see if it still does not power up.

TX_SCUBAAuthor Commented:
Two of the MD have leaking capacitors.  :-(  Guess they are shot.

The third looks good.

I will strip everything down and let ya know what I find.

TX_SCUBAAuthor Commented:
Correction all three have capacitors that are leaking.  Guess all move on the next problem.

Thx for you suggestions.

contact Dell as they may be part of a bad batch and they will replace them free of charge (its happened to me in the past )
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