SBS 2003 Crashes when running Macro on network saved on Storage Server 2003


I am having a huge issue with my SBS 2003 box since I have installed a Storage Server 2003 system on my network.

Over the weekend I used FSMT to transfer all of the files from a Server 2003 box to the Storage Server 2003 box.  This whole process went successful and is running great.

I have some scheduled tasks on my SBS 2003 unit that runs some macros and a couple other programs to do data collection over the network.  When they are running now the server is crashing with a Blue screen error caused by a device or driver.  No new hardware has been added to the system, the only change has been the addition of the Storage Server unit.

As long as I am not running the Scheduled Tasks or Macros the system is 100% stable with no problems.

I have gone through the Event Viewer on all of Servers and there are no events around the time of the Crash.  The SBS box is the DC, DHCP, RAS, AD controllers.

Any help you can provide would be great, I am definitely out of my league and need any help getting this resolved.  Please let me know what other information I can provide to help get this resolved.

Thank you for all of your help in advance.

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teamtorqueAuthor Commented:
Sorry I have not updated this.  The issues was actually with symantec antivirus corporate edition.  For some reason it was causing these reboots.  I have replaced it with another antivirus software and had no issues at all.
I would create brand new tasks, and test them manaully before doing them via scheduled tasks.
Some permissions or access may have been broken on the old ones as part of the move.

I hope this helps !
teamtorqueAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your response.  You acually made me remeber a couple of things I did not mention.  Been running on very little sleep the last few days.

I have actually tried running it over the mapped drive as well as browsing to the server and shared directory.

Reviewing it further last night and trying a couple more things I think I have an idea but I have no clue if I am on the right track or just grasping at straws.

More info:  I also have DFS running on the Server 2003 box connecting to the Storage Server 2003 box.  The files were originally on the Server 2003 box and moved them to the Storage Server Box.

I am also able to cause the same situation with another program, PowerGrep when it is saving/overwriting the file.  From what I can tell this is where the Macro is crashing is when it is saving/overwrighting the file as well.

So here is where I am at.  When a program is running and trying to save to a mapped drive via DFS root on my Server 2003 box that connects to my Storage Server 2003 box the server is crashing with the blue screen.  

I am able to open files, save files and everything else over the mapped drives with no problem.

Is there something in the registry or somewhere else that it is trying to look at the old server when I try doing this and crashing when it cannot do it thinking it is a hardware issue because it is via a mapped drive?

Sorry grasping and trying to come up with something.

I am attaching the MiniDump file from the error last night.  I have no clue how to read or make any sense of it.

Again, any help is appreciated and please let me know what information I can provide to help come up with a solution.

teamtorqueAuthor Commented:
Anyone have any idea where I can at least start figuring this out????
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