Netscreen Routing issues RDP dropping out

I have recently setup a Netscreen SSG5 firewall/Router on my network and have configured static routes to an MPLS router for traffic destined to a remote site. When I try and connect to any server using RDP via the MPLS route the RDP sessions continually drop out every 20 seconds or so. Though I can maintain a constant ping to the server Im trying to connect to with no dropouts.

I can set the default gateway on a test PC direct to the MPLS bypassing the SSG5 and the RDP works fine. I also have an older netscreen NS5Xt device with the same routes in place and no RDP issues
Is there anything I can check on the SSG5 Router which may be causing the RDP dropouts?
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qssupportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks Pugglewuggle, I did a debug on the router and found that the "packet was dropped, first pak not sync" and found the resolution at a Juniper forum, "unset flow tcp-syn-check". This has resolved the issue.
What is the timeout policy for TCP connections and xlates? Usually it's something like 3 hours or so?
Check that - I have a feeling that's your problem.
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