Trying to setup VPN on XP Pro and local users loose access to shared drive

Hi there, I have susessfully made a connection to my xp Pro sp3 VPN. This is where my problems start:

The LAN is peer to peer with an XP pro file server with a second HDD holding all the files with complete access shares available to "everyone"

1) Other users in the LAN loose access to this PC until I remove the fixed IP settings for this PC
2) When the VPN is up, I cant access any computers or drives on the LAN from the connecting PC

I have tried running the VPN with Internet security off and even completley uninstalled - no difference.

Any help would be greatly recieved.

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What you may want is a site to site VPN using a firewall/ROuter . These can be had for about $100 - $200 each
and configured for a VPN tunnel that is always open in both directions, without messing up the local access.

Netscreen 5 GT, linksys RV 042 and others can easily do this.

I hope this helps !
VPN's are designed to allow limited access.
You need to use the VPN client option, not to use the gateway of the VPN server.

this should fix most of your problems.

I hope this helps !
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MXDEWDAuthor Commented:
Hi guys, sorry I have been away from this quaetion for a while.

I have been unable to get back into the system concerned.

OK, I see that a VPN may not be the answer that I need. What we are trying to do is setup a system for a client to access his office network files from home as well as being able to setup an automated backup from work to home or from home to work.

What would be the best solution to achieve this?

MXDEWDAuthor Commented:
Hi SysExpert, thanks for your advice, What about setting up mobile access.

One of the things we want to do is site to site but we also want to allow mobile users to have access.

The solution you mention above, do I need one of those devices at both ends?

You may need split tunnel option see for info on how to do this on  CISCO PIX.

Other routers should also support this, but in any case I think that you will need to buy a VPN client also.

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