i want to search the database mysql and i want to find similar links

lets say i have this links in the database

and i want to search for all the links that look like
want the command to output

and not
i know this command the like command but its not working as u want
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Sander StadSysteemontwikkelaar, Database AdministratorCommented:
In deed you need the "LIKE" command to get those values. Can you show me the query you originally created that doesn't work?
mgtm3Author Commented:
     $query = "    SELECT * FROM ddd WHERE d_link LIKE '%$link%'; ";
mgtm3Author Commented:
soo anyone?
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Sander StadSysteemontwikkelaar, Database AdministratorCommented:
Because you want to search for links in a database that start with a certain string you'd like to split the string before searching for it.
The code below creates an array with all the pieces of the url split by the "/". Than a query is set up to get all the needed results. After that the results are displayed.

$link = "www.dsdxa.com";
$pieces = explode("/", $link);
$query = "SELECT * FROM {tablename} WHERE {column} LIKE \"%$pieces[0]%\";";
$results = mysql_query($query);
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($results)){
  echo "$row['{column}']";

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mgtm3Author Commented:
no thats to long i want something fast like the match command
Sander StadSysteemontwikkelaar, Database AdministratorCommented:
How do you man it is too long. I only gave an example how you can test it. You don't have to use the whole code. You only have to use the the first 5 rows. The rest is just meant as an example.
By the way you'd have to use the rest in some way because you'd have to execute the query against the database.
mgtm3Author Commented:
i mean it takes alout of time i have a huge database
now its 6 million rows
have you thought about using a FULLTEXT index?


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Sander StadSysteemontwikkelaar, Database AdministratorCommented:

I think you misunderstood what I meant with the code to split up the searchstring. The reason why I split up the searchstring is that you want to be able to find a part of the string in your database.
You'll probably only want to search for the first part of a url and that is what you'll get with the code I posted. You can even create an if-statement to search the rest of the database with rest of the pieces of url that are in the searchstring if there is no result in the first part.
I didn't mean that you'd have to split up every url in the 6 million row database. Only the searchstring that somebody or something sends to the server to search for.
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