KDE fails to start on SLES 9.3 running on VMware


I am running SLES 9.3 on VMware ESX 3.5 Update 2 latest  version with the default release of KDE that comes with SLES 9.3.  When I try start KDE by going into runlevel 5 it comes up with an error that says that there is no screen available.

Is there a work around for this?
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Paul SolovyovskyConnect With a Mentor Senior IT AdvisorCommented:
try to login in text mode, re-install vmware tools and ensure that it is installed.  Once booted it should state installed.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
have you installed vmware tools on the guest OS?
ablsysadminAuthor Commented:
I did install vmware tools and then rebooted the vm.  The vmware tools status is still "not installed" though.
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sk_raja_rajaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
also if possible make sure you select "complete installation" during vmware tools instllation setup..
ablsysadminAuthor Commented:
Will do, i am installing from a RPM package.  Will do a forced reinstall and reboot.
ablsysadminAuthor Commented:

I managed to get vmware configured properly.  All seems to be working.


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