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I have a windows NT domain and am in the process of migrating users to Windows 2003 domain. A trust relationship exists between the two. Some users are now ogging onto to the AD domain and accessing the Internet and email from the NT domain. I have a setup a second AD DC running Windows 2008. I now want to replace the first Windows 2003 DC with the Windows 2008 DC.
I installed the Win 2008 DC as an additional DC in an existing domain/forest. Ihave transferred the five FSMO and the GC roles to the Win 2008 DC.
When i disconnect the windows 2003 from the network, i cannot access the resources in the Win NT domain. What have i ommited for me to completely take off the Win 2003 Dc without any problems?  
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exx1976Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You need to complete your migration away from NT first.  After you get everyone into AD, then worry about retiring the 2003 server.  You'll have fewer issues, and a much more stable environment that is easier to support.
asansAuthor Commented:
When i tried to open Active Directory Users and Computers from the Windows 2008 DC when the Win 2003 DC was offline i got the following error message:

"Naming information cannot be located for the following reason: The server is not operational

If you are typing to connect to a domain controller running windows 2000, verify that windows 2000 SP3 or later is installed on the DC, or use the windows 2000 administration tools. For more information about connecting to DCs running windows 2000, see help and support "

tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Windows Server 2008 does not play at all nicely with Windows NT Servers. Windows 2000 DCs are about its limit. As has already been posted, complete the migration away from Windows NT as you have already been doing, and once the Windows NT server is completely decommissioned and removed, you can then think about migrating Server 2003 to Server 2008.

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asansAuthor Commented:
I hear you guys.
If i want to put up a new DC must i then install Win 2003 or 2008 can do as well?
I was of the opinion that if i have 2DCs and one goes down, the other one should automatically handle the requests. If i do away with the Windows NT, can i get that with a Wind 2003 and a Win 2008 DC?    
Yes, but once NT is gone, I'd just roll everything to 2008.  Then you can go native and take advantage of new features.

Yes you can, but as we have said, it is a good idea to get all legacy NT DCs gone first. In Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008, Active Directory is a multi-master directory server in almost everything it does, so you no longer have this PDC and BDC concept and all the issues it caused in between.

asansAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys. Let me do that
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